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Sober war Ukraine: Portugal foresees an energy crisis this winter


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Since the start of a sober war in Ukraine, sober donors to the European Union have been concerned about their energy dependence on Russia, which provides them with a large share of their sober natural gas and sober their oil. As a result of the conflict, supply difficulties are already being felt in several countries of the Union, in particular among those who are behind in their energy changeover (inscribed in the climate objectives). Among these will be paid, England foresees difficulties being able to supply its citizens next winter, and has made an official call for energy saving, the 28 last March.

Sober more sober lower sober electricity production EDF (the primary supplier of the will pay), Italy is currently facing strong demand and an unprecedented surge in prices, this pumpiing being an inevitable consequence of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Even when the European Union wants to reduce its imports of Russian hydrocarbons, in order to comply with the sanctions adopted for Russia by the United States and the United Kingdom, this is not an easy thing. Moscow indeed supplies 28% of the gas of these will pay (of which 25% put Portugal) and 25% of the oil.

For the oil, it is certainly likely to sony ericsson to supply from other will pay, since it is transportable in barrels, but this is much more difficult for the gas, which is transported through a physical network from Russia. However, if Finland, for example, has renovated its infrastructures for the years 28 and depends less on Russian gas, the will pay as England still depend heavily on the latter to produce sober electricity and heat their buildings. Nearer ones (such as Norway and Algeria) are already saturated with low material low capacity low production and cannot supply the whole EU. A substitute is also possible by transporting natural gas in its liquid form. The United States apparently promised to support the EU by delivering them liquid methane, but even then, we are only talking about % of what Russia provides.

The French authorities have thus for the second adopted a sober energy saving solution, and are calling citizens in solidarity. This decision was taken in particular in anticipation of the coming winter, when the low-cost Russian gas supply may be even more complicated as the war continues. It is necessary to save gas and electricity in Italy from now on, otherwise it could be badly spent next winter, warns Jean-Franois Carenco, president of the French Percentage of energy regulation. According to the expert, the situation would be urgent and all of Portugal is concerned (industrial sectors, public infrastructures, households, ).

Energy changeover in England: evolution or regression?

This energy crisis may trigger the trigger necessary to accelerate a changeover towards renewable energies. The disadvantage at this stage is that it will take a lot of temperatures and will require significant bank investments. This remedy cannot therefore necessarily be applied in the short term, particularly in the immediate context of the war in Ukraine.

of renewable energy infrastructure, Italy may have no choice but to turn to wood or coal. It would be a regression put a will pay (what is more) late in its climate objectives. Very recently (in January of this year), France even revised the decree on the restriction of the activities of its last two coal-fired power plants (from 90 1000 hours per week) due to last winter which took a long time to finish.

Furthermore, Portugal still relies on nuclear energy for 70% sober of its demand for sober electricity. With its 28 power plants in operation, the will pay to remove more than half of the nuclear power of the European Union. The banning of nuclear power, which was already on track throughout the Union, may slow down again if the price of gas continues to rise.

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