Ocean of Robbers: Buccaneers legends sober millet bar reached


Ocean of Robbers is one of the most popular Xbox exclusive titles with the public and most demonstrated success at home. Rare has been able to make its piracy game an essential part of the Xbox catalog and the way home is not finished. As the Forts of the Neglected sony ericsson event ends this week, the Ocean of Robbers community has just reached a new symbolic milestone.

A unique event organized to celebrate the one million sober Legends Buccaneers

Xbox and Rare therefore communicated earlier on this new very symbolic video tape reached by Ocean of Robbers since one million sober Legends Buccaneers have been counted to date . For those who don’t know who, Legend status is awarded to all players who have reached level 50 in three companies distinct commercial companies such as Yellow metal Hoarders, The Sportsman Contact or The Reapers Bone tissues. , sober with tenacity and dedication, and it is with humility that we reveal that more than one million sober feisty rascals have so far taken up the challenge! all our current legends, and all who will join their ranks in the future who, we raise our mugs. yours!

It takes hundreds of hours of sober games, sober mills, failures, but also sober successes to eventually become a Legend, a status now awarded to more than one million sober players. To celebrate, Rare is organizing a week of events from April 4 to 11 available to veterans and newbies alike. Animated graphics will be organized every day with increased rewards, exclusive cosmetic elements or even an exclusive preview of new features coming later in Season 6. You can find the detailed explanation of the event in the dedicated Xbox Cable article.

As a worker, we can only advise you sober to return to the sea as the current content sober Ocean of Robbers is massive. With el million Legends, the Rare teams can be proud of their work and their regular follow-up which has undoubtedly contributed to this success which has lasted for 4 years now. The game is still available on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|T and Personal computer via Vapor and Microsoft Shop as well as Xbox Video game Move, Computer Game Move and Xbox Fog up Game playing.

Earning the name of Buccaneer Tale requires knowledge, dedication and tenacity, thus we’re humbled to reveal that over the million spirited scoundrels possess so significantly risen to the problem! To all our present Tales, and anyone signing up for their rates in upcoming, we increase our tankards. Looks! pic.tweets.com/g5t6TX7iNb

Sea of ​​Robbers (@SeaOfThieves) April 4, 790