Check – Lego Take the leading role Battles: a fable Skywalker – The best episode under license


The videogame story based on a Lego brand begins in 790 with a sober release Lego Take the Leading Role Battles: The Video Game. Authentic and refreshing, this first opus has built the foundations of a license that has never ceased to offer new experiences during these 13 years, by going to dig into great cinema sagas like Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC Comics or even Jurassic Recreation area. obviously, a license has been able to evolve sober new features to offer players. A more important was the addition of open worlds or hubs allowing to explore large environments filled with secondary quests and other enigmas which could con find coins and golden bricks. This new change was expected, and this Lego Superstar Battles: The Skywalker Tale has everything the perfect candidate could have achieved.

A fable full of sober bricks

While most of the films in the Celebrity Battles saga have already been able to benefit from a sober Lego brick edition, the last two feature films had so far escaped. No jealous here, the prelogy (episodes I, II and 3), the original trilogy (episodes 4, Sixth is v and Mire) and the postlogy (episodes VII, VIII and IX) are all present.

The sober developers at TT Video games have not skimped on the content offered to us. The scenario of each episode is looked at and we take real pleasure in finding our favorite characters in order to dive again into the universe created by Georges Lucas. Note that it is possible to start a game with the kid’s choice trilogy. However episode I, Phantom Risk, seems to be the most logical choice, some purists may prefer to follow the order of release of the films.

By the move, the Lego Superstar Battles games had for sober habit to offer us a central center performed it was achievable sober to launch 6 levels per episode. now, a development is better scripted. We evolve from plant to plant, each one having the shape of a more or less large area that we can freely explore at any minute. D, a quest marker tells us where to go or who to talk to in order to trigger a cutscene or launch an objective.

On the other hand, when in the old episodes, each level was quite long, the finding is a little different here. Already, some of the events are simply categorized through the exploration area and are therefore not part of any level. The number of levels per episode is also seeing a reduction from six to five, and these are also getting better. However, they remain of good quality and we will not shy away from our pleasure to complete them. On the other hand, the treatment and the structure of the levels seemed less careful to us in the prelogy than in the rest of the story.

In a straight line, count about an hour per episode, or about ten hours to complete the story mode. A last of the latter seems correct to us, we remain in the specifications of the Lego games, to which we can add the large secondary part then. Sober effect, Lego Celebrity Battles: the Skywalker fable is no exception to the rule and offers us a slew of additional content. We find the sober minikits or quotas per level to recover, but this time challenges come with them. Their objectives are cloaked and it’s up to us to figure out what to do or spend a few coins to get clues. Add to that, the plants are full of secondary tasks or puzzles allowing you to recover kyber bricks, character or vehicle tokens and rewards to use afterwards (Times2 coins, Invincibility, etc.).

Clearly, there is sober what to do to take care of it and for that we have a standard sending your line with a little less sober 315 characters and just over a hundred sober vehicles.

Reworked gameplay

Intended for the general public, including the youngest, Lego games have always had a sober heart, offering very accessible gameplay, while adding a few questions to progress soberly. The relaxation diagram is thus globally the same since 790. Destroying Lego objects often grants us more valuable parts, but it can also allow us to build other objects in order to advance further in the level later. The characters also feature sober clean skills in order to soberly solve questions, sometimes in sober QTE form. In the hair and measure of the Lego games released, sober new skills have appeared to be reused or not in the following games afterwards. Like its predecessors, Lego Superstar Battles: The Skywalker Tale also brings new boy great deal. We can cite for example the fact sober learned to move on certain walls using our lightsaber sober, or the tools of the sober characters kind looter.

But this new Lego game doesn’t just add sober new skills. The biggest gameplay change comes mainly from the addition of a low TPS target setting and a low coverage system. Thus, the clashes with the blaster become more alive than through the move, even if we remain on a fairly simplistic experience, far from the tenors of the type such as the Things of Battle. Nevertheless, this addition is most appreciable and brings a welcome breath of fresh air to the gameplay of the license.

Lego Celebrity Battles: a fable Skywalker also sees the combinations return. Thus, it is likely to vary the attacks of our character between the Back button, A and M variations. Each hit then raises a gauge of combinations, rewarded by obtaining coins. Sober revenge, we may regret the little interest in varying the blows, since this is not taken into account in the speed of development of the gauge. The only time when varying your attack remains necessary is during certain confrontations with tougher opponents (especially managers) in order to prevent the enemy from parrying our blows. To specifically talk more about employs, Lego Superstar Battles: The Skywalker Tale has way too many. Unfortunately, the latter sony ericsson also look very similar, which can tire a long time.

Latest novelty of the game, it is now possible to improve its characters. Thus, with coins and kyber bricks, we have for example the opportunity to lengthen the temperature ranges of shorts, to increase the damage or to detect certain treasures around us. Without being able to mess up the whole license as much, this addition is a good surprise and adds a slight RPG sizing to the title.

Finally, note that as for the rest under the Lego license, it is achievable sober play up to two split screen sober players. Player 2 can then join and leave the game any second without any loading, perfect could offer little help to his child for example. On the other hand, it is still unlikely to play in online co-op.

A merry brick–brac

Celebrity Battles obliges, a soundtrack of the learned game must be at the height of the movies. Don’t worry on this side, Lego Superstar Battles: the fable Skywalker restores the most mythical themes of the tale (Duel of Fates, Una Marche Imperiale, Fight of the Heroes,). The sound effects are not to be outdone, whether it be the alarms of the imperial channels, the sober blaster shots or the Jawas without forgetting the famous sober Wilhelm cry omnipresent in the fable.

The ze game has, as for a few episodes, a full VF. Unfortunately, if some characters are dubbed by the official voices (Obi-Wan, Padm, Palpatine or even Mace Windu) there is a lot missing and the quality of some dubbing remains quite uneven. But as fans of early Sony Ericsson Lego games reassure, Lego Celebrity Battles: The Skywalker Tale helps get back in the mood with the return of the Mumbling. Once this choice is energetic, the dialogues are then replaced by mumbling and sound effects, as was the case in the first games of the business. , this Lego Superstar Battles: A Skywalker fable is much prettier than its predecessors. The textures are more penetrating and detailed, but it is above all through the games of shadow and light that the title sometimes comes to flatter our retinas. In addition, the different plants (and there are many of them) are perfectly restored and faithful to the original work.

It is accompanied soberly by this audio-visual mix, that the game regularly bombards us with sober humor proper to license. Mainly put forward in the various cutscenes, the developers never hesitate to parody certain paragraphs of the original work, could add anything and everything. The result remains as good as ever and we regularly have fun with what we see and hear.

Test on Xbox Collection A.