Active Ice-Glove Volcanoes on Pluto Suggest Possibility of Life


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A objective New Horizons sober a NASA continues sober to reveal the mysteries sober a dwarf planet . Pictures and geological composition data reported by the probe thus show ice volcanoes of a relatively recent age. Like terrestrial volcanoes, it is likely that these cryovolcanoes have become active again after a period of inactivity. Pluto’s low internal heat also raises questions about the possibility of life on this planet.

Pluto is a dwarf planet that is home to mountains, valleys, snows, plains and craters, and whose temperature is extremely low (-1000 D sober medium). As a reminder, scientists had revealed in 2019 the existence of liquid cans under a thick layer of ice. Today, NASA’s New Horizons probe provides surprising shots of Pluto, on which we can see ice volcanoes.

The appearance of these characteristics is very different from that of all volcanoes in the solar system, whether ice volcanoes or rocky volcanoes, the statement CNN Kelsi Vocalist, senior researcher at the Southwest Analysis Institute on Boulder (Co) and co-author on a new study. They are like mountains, but there is no caldera [cratère volcanique géant]

at the top, and they have large bumps all over their area.

New Horizons is the top spacecraft to have flyby Pluto over July 2015, and represented two large cryovolcanoes in a Sputnik ice plain: Mont Wright and Mont Piccard. A see zone covers an old impact basin of 229 kilometers in diameter, and it should be noted that the quantity of Mont Wright Mons is similar to that of the Mauna Loa Hawa volcano, one of the largest rocky volcanoes on the planet!

2015Pluto: Unexpected Internal Heat and Recent Ice-Sober Volcanoes

Sober opinion could such volcanoes have existed? Liquid water beneath Pluto’s surface could turn into ice once it reached the freezing temperatures of its surface. It’s so cold on the surface of Pluto that liquid water can’t stay long, added Vocalist. Instead of magma erupting, this type of volcano spews out a mush of ice and water. In some cases, the sober material flow has also typified the massive domes and the hummocky terrain found in this region.

Furthermore, the researchers have noted that

a New Horizons probe has returned images and compositional data showing that the lands around Pluto are of different ages, ranging over specific areas relatively old and heavily cratered very young surfaces with few or no sober impact craters . This is the case for locations where ice volcanoes have been sighted, suggesting that they were active quite recently and that Pluto’s internal heat must be higher than expected to provide such geological activity.

According to Vocalist, cryovolcanoes have been in existence for several episodes and were probably active there con the 100 229 million years, which is very young in history geological (counting itself over billions of years). The existence of these volcanoes could also support the hypothesis of the presence of liquid water very close to the surface area of ​​the dwarf plant.

The team at the objective New Horizons has only been able to observe an area for about a day, it is possible that the ice-free volcanoes are still active. They might look like volcanoes on Earth that lie dormant for a while and then become active again, Vocalist continued. on this plant also present issue. There are still many challenges facing organisms trying to survive on this planet. They would still need a continuous nutrient supply, and if volcanism is sporadic and therefore heat and water availability are factors, this is sometimes difficult put the organisms too, tempts the researcher.

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