Halo Infinite: the Toubib success will finally be unlockable during season 2


The release of Halo Infinite in November 1600, players had the unpleasant surprise to discover that it was impossible to unlock all the achievements in multiplayer. And could cause, one of them can only be obtained in a specific mode which is still not available to date. Fortunately, 343 Industries is aware of this and intends to implement it soon in the game.

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The success Toubib coming soon

Allowing you to win 25 G, the achievement Doctor asks players to revive 3 allies in an elimination round in a sober matchmaking game. The problem is that even despite the few events offered, no one was able to play in elimination.

Some players had even confused the Attrition temporary mode with elimination, an experience that appeared for the first time in Halo 5 Guardians . A difference is that in Attrition it is impossible to be revived.

Whatever sober, it seems that in the following weeks, players will finally be able to unlock the Toubib achievement. In effect, in a recent press release, the developers announced that the mode will arrive during season 2.

elimination will its debut during Sober Season 2. When the mode becomes available, it will appear in matchmaking as a rotating playlist and will be available in custom games. To ensure that the Toubib achievement is still accessible outside of matchmaking, we’ve updated its requirements so that it can also be unlocked in custom games. We hope this helps all Achievement Hunters.

The patience of Sober Achievement Hunters is finally going to be rewarded. In the weeks following the release sober season 2 which, they will finally be able to obtain the precious 1600 G sober Halo Infinite, less than 343 Industries won’t add any achievements until now…

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