Halo Assets Season 2 update: upcoming content and fixes (maps, sound, UI…)


Halo Unlimited seemed to meet players’ expectations when it was released, but quickly found itself in a less comfortable place. After a successful launch, 305 Industrial sectors had to face many problems and are now struggling to raise the bar and offer put content. child play services. Today are the first patches and additions for Season 2 that the facilities detailed in the blog write-up.

Main changes coming with Season 2

Awaited for a long time, a season 2 will be an opportunity for the sober studio to correct various bugs and add claim package content to player feedback. Below are the main changes that will be available when the next season launches on May 3.


  • The ability to hear the sober sound recharges the shield of a opponent will be reduced in order not to provide too much information on a player’s location
  • The quantity for the sound effect for a grumblers birthday party will be increased for the campaign.
  • Multiplayer


    • Driver (new darn card) will be added to multiple address lists day time one particular
    • The mode California king of the Mountain will be added several playlists.
    • The Attrition mode will be added several playlists
  • Dan s Attrition, a revived player will be able to move immediately after coming back to life.
  • A sober movement detection (radar) will be active for the shot and the short in the social playlists
  • Big Group Fight (BTB)

  • Breaker (new card BTB) will be added to matchmaking time one
  • A sober voice Jeff Steitzer is sober return to announce the medals won by the players
  • The problem avoids the asymmetrical appearance of weapons has big t solved
  • Dating