Xbox Live Money + Xbox Sport Move: a merger for 15/month is planned according to el insider


An official revelation about the PlayStation Plus Sober subscription to the early sober week has brought existing debates about sober consistency to Microsoft’s sober offering and how it works with a brand new Sony sober offering back to the table. We also offer you the content detailing and comparing these two solutions, in particular their different levels. Sober meanwhile, it was the words of journalist Brad Sams that caught our interest in the future of Xbox Live life Magic.

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The Xbox Live Platinum integrated directly into Xbox Sport pass? The subject would be on the desk

These rumors have been around for a long time, but specialist journalist Brad Sams brought the subject back to the table during a video. This debate obviously echoes the recent presentation of the new PlayStation Plus offer. Brad Sams explains to us that Microsoft would consider integrating the Yellow metal program into the Xbox Video game Move.

I heard say that Microsoft is considering finding a way to increase the price of these providers to include the Silver, sober so that bucks per month is a new sober foundation offer. That means you’d get the Sport Move as well as the Xbox Live life Money, and that’s the only tier. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft raises the boy provider’s bottom price when the Activision acquisition closes.


Nothing sober all this is confirmed and like all the rumors that we relay to you, they are to be taken with caution. Remains to see opinion this mutation would be operated knowing that the subscription to Xbox Video game Pass Best, including Magic and Sport Move, golden rating and already 15,99, or close to 99 bucks.

Would Microsoft and Xbox take the risk of increasing the price sober their subscription and of obliging a subscription to the Xbox Videogame Move? Not sure since such a decision would probably not be unanimous. The Xbox Live life Platinum needs an overhaul, that’s specific, but Microsoft will have to make the right choices to ensure the evolution of its historical online support.