Television series Halo: the 1st episode is free on YouTube, but not sober France


A Halo Television series has been available for just over a week now via a Paramount+ platform. While the French broadcast is scheduled for the very end of April, today the first episode is available for free.

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Watch the first episode now

When do you want to start the Halo series and you are not subscribed to Paramount+ services, it is likely sober to see the entire top episode directly on YouTube. Unfortunately, this is not possible for French residents without resorting to the use of a VPN. Also keep in mind that the episode is available in the original edition and without French subtitles.

next April which will be broadcast on a French platform. Let’s remember that it highlights several characters known to players such as Dr. Halsey or Cortana, but also new protagonists. also seem to value the business. Note sober more than a season 2 is normally golden and already in the pipes.