Sober Sexism and Sober Harassment Allegations at Undead Labs (Condition of Rot)


Cases of sober sexism and sober harassment are unfortunately commonplace in the video game industry and the sober emancipation of victims only puts sober light on these actions, and this in all buildings. Today it is the studio room Undead Labs (Condition of Corrosion), a member of Xbox Sport Studios, that is being put in the spotlight for allegations of sexism, bullying and burnout.

A complicated case for Microsoft, which has wanted to lead by example for months

While Microsoft received yesterday the award for best global business lifestyle and the group the announced to follow sober near the internal affairs of Activision Blizzard, it is finally within sober boy own group that a storm broke out as we detailed Kotaku in kid file. Understated, these are claims made by employees of Undead Labs concerning facts that occurred during the integration with Xbox Video game Studios that are highlighted today. The toxic environment and ambient harassment would have largely disrupted this changeover.

Following the takeover by Microsoft which took place around four years ago, the Undead Labs facilities have taken on a new dimension and its goals have only grown despite the departure of the emblematic founder from a Condition of Rot series. The third opus has been in development for a second, blocked at the pre-production stage, but the revelations of our colleagues at Kotaku finally give us reasons for this complicated advance.

Kotaku therefore spoke with 12 users of Undead Labs who wished to remain anonymous so as not to jeopardize their career in the video game industry. Despite some positive features of the facility brought up by the employees, the internal tradition has clearly deteriorated since the takeover by Microsoft. A Redmond-based firm has enjoyed loudly speaking out and fortifying its marriage against harassment and toxic environments in the industry, Undead Labs users say Microsoft’s hands-off approach has only allowed dysfunction to fester. El former developer says in particular:

We were afraid that they would come to change our lifestyle, but our collapse came from within, and we could have used Microsoft’s help.

Kotaku has contacted the Relationship Presse service on Microsoft, but the feedback hasn’t been particularly conclusive. A Redmond company remained evasive in transmitting figures, statistics and a statement on behalf of He Behind, responsible for Xbox Sport Studios:

Every Xbox business receives the resources and guidance it needs to grow both in capability and tradition. The form this support takes varies from studio to studio, but each has an immediate link to Microsoft HR resources outside of their team, and the ability to work with other partner studios and teams can leverage their knowledge. In addition, all Microsoft employees, including our studio teams, are required to regularly attend our Standards of Business Conduct training, which covers topics such as harassment, the supplier code of conduct, and more. Over the past few years Undead Labs has seen a number of positive changes and we are confident in the path the team is taking to put Condition of Corrosion 3, one of our most ambitious open-world games in development

El Microsoft spokesperson says in particular that an entirely new path team has testosterone levels leased with diverse recruitment in 2021, of which 29% women or non-binary people and 29% of people with problems from a racial or ethnic minority. Sober plus, 29% of respondents would recommend Undead Labs as a good place to live. However, these statistics transmitted by Microsoft do not represent the heart of the concern and boy entirely according to the uses of Undead Labs.

The lifestyle of the studio room until recently wasn’t any more welcoming to anyone who wasn’t a cishet white man. This has improved over the past six months or so. But the facilities hired a lot of diversified skills that it did not support enough by the move.

Ambient sexism and permanent pressure at Undead Labs

Until the kid left, Jeff Strain, founder of the facility and sober Condition of Rot, was defined as a sober able hand character muster the troops and bring in sober abilities from all walks of life to carry out his project. After the success of the first opus, Condition of Corrosion 2 was launched in 2018, followed by the shock announcement of the takeover by Microsoft. Jeff Stress had always said he wanted to remain independent and this agreement took everyone by surprise. at Undead Studios. Microsoft wanted to make Condition of Rot a main title in the Xbox catalog, in particular through the Sport Pass. El former developer states in particular:

Every two months, after an important stage video, the teams were completely broken and mixed into new teams. So there was no consistency about aprendí loaded sober which system.

Another developer adds:

What happened on a daily basis at the Labo was a more discreet, sober edition of a death by a thousand sober paper cuts of sexism. The QA department was working hard, catching all of our bugs and trying to fix them, but the leadership ignored their concerns and said things like not logging multiplayer bugs in an attempt to show artificial progress on Condition of Corrosion 3. Milestones consisted of a bunch of disjointed features that were less about making the video game fun than checking off a list

Una location women in Undead Labs since the integration into Xbox Video game Studios is also very questionable, as explained to us by the developer interviewed by Kotaku.

When I moved to the Lab on Friday, I was sold on the idea of ​​a changeover business that made diversity, equity and inclusion a top priority. Sober reality, the executives of the recording studio painted el face DEI put Microsoft, while the women were constantly ignored, rejected, interrupted, ignored and blamed. Women’s views were outright rejected, even the most basic knowledge of program code or games. No one listened to them, even women in managerial positions were outright ignored, talked over the top and blamed for the problems.

The facts cited above are only part of the 12 testimonies collected by sober journalists Kotaku. The complete file details the events that have occurred over the past three years within Undead Labs, whether in terms of actions, comments made or their influence on the development of Condition of Rot 3. According to former developers, there is still a lot of work to do, one of them said in particular:

I care a lot about the people I have worked with Undead Labs, and I hope really things will get better there. But without any responsibility, nothing will change.

This case has a particular resonance in the current public context and it will be necessary to follow sober closely Microsoft’s sober reactions to Undead Labs and Activision Blizzard. When the Government Trade Percentage validates the takeover of 68 billion dollars from the Californian group, Phil Spencer will have the objective of completely reforming civilizations reigning within the studios led by Xbox, a colossal challenge that sony ericsson will have to succeed if he does not want to betray his commitments. Find the entire investigation conducted by Kotaku in their file published yesterday.