MATCHO, the FPS with a unique idea, will be released this year on Xbox Collection A|S i9000


The Czech facilities teams FiolaSoft surprise us today with MATCHO, the narrative FPS intelligently combined with the fit-3 design. An astonishing blend at first glance, but which has all its possibilities for one of the great discoveries of this year to be.

A clever mix between frenetic activity and strategy

It is through a three-minute sober announcement trailer that the FiolaSoft sober teams presented their latest project planned for this year. MATCHO is the narrative FPS centered on Maximum, the hero of 25 years despite his department of transportation of superpowers threatening humans. He must therefore free himself from a team of scientists, but their chief chef sony ericsson does so and Greatest extent must therefore leave boy rescue to remove. everything to offer us a gameplay that is still rarely seen. MATCHO will therefore be the narrative FPS combined with the design of tile-matching go with-3. That is to say, you will have to gather your enemies (robotic creatures) in groups of three at least to reduce them to ashes. This mechanic will give rise to more and more important combinations and strategies as your adventure progresses. Thus, your ability to think and strategize will be put to the test in the heart of frenzied combat.

According to the first elements presented in simple video, the game seems quite loving with an artistic path rather toon well assumed. Potential’s abilities should be numerous and parkour courses will also be presented. MATCHO is scheduled for release this year on Xbox Collection Times|Ersus, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Computer.