Hyper Lighting Breaker: a sober sequel a nugget Hyper Lighting Drifter unveils sober video


Sober 2016, Center Device released Hyper Lighting Drifter, an action-RPG that left its mark on many sober gamers. Today, it is with its selection, Hyper Lighting Breaker, that the facilities are once again talking about it.

Rendez-vous sober 2023


This new sony ericsson episode is distinguished in particular by boy world totally sober 3D exploring sober solitary, but also sober cooperation. Overgrowth is made up of several specific areas open to various biomes and the title will also offer an experience revolving around elements specific to the rogue lite type.

For the second, Hyper Lighting Breaker is only planned for Vapor. It will be available in earlier accessibility in the spring 2023 and we really hope that it will land on Xbox by the fit.