Condition of Unreal: the dedicated Unreal Motor 5 event will be held on April 5


In recent months, the Unreal Motor 5 graphics engine has made him talk sober more sober more regularly since he will soon be taking advantage of in various projects: Quantum Mistake, the next The Witcher or even Bulk Impact. Everyone will benefit from the capabilities of this very promising graphics engine which will be showcased on April 5 during a live life event.

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Epic Video games ze’s Condition of A fantasy presentation will be held next Tuesday

It is therefore today that testosterone levels unveils a sober outfit this event dedicated to the graphics engine Not real Motor 5, created by World famous Video games. This live life evening will be broadcast on Tuesday April 5 on YouTube and Twitch and different themes will be discussed. Here is the program of the event that will start they would next Tuesday:

    • 17they would CEST Keynote Condition of A fantasy (Tim Sweeney, Kim Libreri, Dana Cowley, Chip Penwarden, Zak Parrish, Teddy Bergsman Lind, Sjoerd de Jong): What’s the next videotape? Don’t miss keynote to discover very special news about Unreal Motor our.
    • 18they would30 THIS IS The Matrix Awakens Creating the Globe (Jerome Platteaux, Votch Levi, Scott Clifford): Find out how the Epic Video games Special Projects team took advantage of UE5 to create the environment sober The Matrix Awakens. We’ll cover a modular procedural approach to creating our buildings, Open Planet workflows (one file per actor, data layers, HLODs, level instantiation), lookdev decompositions of materials and textures, and updates. updates to Lumen, our global illumination and reflection system.
    • 18they would30 CEST The Matrix Awakens Generating the Entire world (Quentin Marmier, Robert Osbourne, Julien Marchand): Find out opinion we generated sober procedurally sober city sober demo The Matrix Awakens sober combining procedural tools native to Unreal Motor and a new Houdini workflow. We will delve into the different stages of the structure and the strategic challenges we have faced along the way.
    • 20they would30 CEST Create your best game with the Unreal Motor (Andreas Suika): Come and watch a quick and inspiring presentation on how to create a game with the Unreal Motor graphics engine from Epic Video games.
    • This event to follow closely since Unreal Motor 5 is linked to many highly anticipated video game projects. Count on us to be able to follow this Condition of Not real closely and to keep you informed of the announcements that will be made.

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      Track in on Apr 5 at 11 Was ET for our following #StateofUnreal put out, live life on @Twitch and @YouTube:

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