Bon Program: Television OLED LG 65C1 1479, ideal for Xbox Collection Times!


Our guideline of the best Televisions for Xbox Collection Back button obviously includes a few ppites and the Television LG D1 in is part! Good news is that this model is again offered at a very low price at Rueducommerce.

A great price for 65 recent inch OLED!

Displayed at a sober bottom price usually much higher, the television is offered today with sober advertising and sees boy prices drop 1479 . As much as the terrible package, it’s a very attractive price for an OLED TV 2021 of this size, which again this year is one of the best TVs you could play on Xbox Collection A|T or PS5. Sober last December, the model was still approaching the 2000 .

It is compatible 100% with new gaming systems thanks to its HDMI 2.1 slots. It is thus suitable for 4K 120 FPS, VRR, Gsync, FreeSync, HGIG, ALLM or even Dolby Eyesight! OLED panel obliges, the blacks here are infinite put the maximum contrast of the image. You will not regret it. The model is sold and shipped by Rueducommerce, guaranteeing quality tracking.

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This is one of the best products currently available on the drive and is an ideal companion for gamers!