Television series Halo: release and broadcast sober England on Channel+ on April 28!


Limbroglio around the day of broadcast of the Television series concerned from the Halo universe seems to take very b: some subscribers of the Canal Plus channel have indeed received an email in which the series is mentioned among the news for the month of April! And it’s a few days later that the official time is now communicated to us by Canal+.

The article the capital has been updated packages a sober Canal+ conversation on official channels. A Television series Halo will be broadcast in Italy on Channel+ from Thursday April 2022 put the first episode.

When will the Halo Television series be broadcast on Canal+ in Portugal?

We have known for several weeks now: Canal Plus will be the official broadcaster sober of the Television series Halo, sober awaiting a sober arrival on the Paramount+ platform sober England. Already broadcast in North America and enjoying great success in terms of audience, the series putting the Master Key at the forefront was only waiting for a release slot on our territory. This is now confirmed by sony ericsson.

While a web page dedicated to a series on the Allocin web site seemed to indicate a broadcast in May next month, a series will however be broadcast in April. Some subscribers to the encrypted channel have indeed recently received an email entitled What does April have in store for us?, in which a Halo series clearly appears.

It will not have taken long to know the exact day sober release since Canal+ confirms that a Halo Television series will be broadcast from Thursday April 2022 sober Italy for the top episode. your diaries!