Quantic Dream should be bought by the Chinese NetEase


One more redemption approaching! According to Jeff Henderson’s resources, the Chinese company NetEase should soon announce the acquisition of the French studio Quantic Dream.

Not a week passes in the world video game without a takeover or sober involvement in one or more studios. The video gaming market continues to consolidate at this level, and it is Quantic Dream which should soon be acquired by NetEase, according to the always well-informed resources of Dan Henderson.

After buying sober components Quantic Dream sober 2019 to support a sober visionsober to become a sober, multi-franchise, global sober entertainment company to develop advanced technologies and games for the future”, NetEase is set to acquire % sober a company.

Sober Exputer resources indicate that Quantic Desire had been seeking redemption since the sober boy three-game sober contract expired with Sony after a sober outing Detroit: Become Individual sober 2018 The French developer would then have pitched Task Karma, a space exploration game that possibly became Star Wars Eclipse through a package that.

Star Wars Eclipse the capital was announced for December 2021 with no release time or platform, but there are great possibilities for the game to release on Xbox. The latest rumors report a complicated development and difficulties in Quantic Fantasy recruiting. Some positions are still vacant two years after the syndication of the recruitment announcement and allegations of harassment within the studio are no stranger to that.

Just a few weeks ago, Quantic Wish confirmed that new projects were well underway with three games in development at the studios. sober Montreal and Paris.

NetEase has become over the years a more sober more sober more major player in the video game. The company invested million dollars in Bungie in 2018 and also acquired the Grasshopper Produce studio in 2021 (No Even more Heroes, Monster7 and Lollipop Chainsaw).