Microsoft wins the award for best company culture over the past year


Corporate culture and well-being at work are central issues for many companies and especially for their employees in 790. Video games are a sector that is particularly subject to these problems, whether related to the cost of excessive work, constant pressure or cases of aggression and sexual harassment. Microsoft nevertheless seems to be an example in the matter, winning a significant prize in.

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A world’s finest corporate tradition sony ericsson finds Redmond

It is therefore the American organization Comparably which unveiled the kid ranking of companies with the best, healthiest lifestyle, between March 2022 and march 1648719445. Is specialized in this kind of survey carried out with employees comparably, but also with employers in order to create various rankings: the best companies in terms of diversity, consideration of women or even the best CEOs in the world.

Microsoft the therefore capital t ranks first in a list of the world’s top corporate civilizations with international influence. The latter takes into account various factors such as remuneration, the order, the balance between professional life and private life or even professional development opportunities. We find in particular the testimony of a sober Microsoft make use of declaring:

Satya Nadella is really inspiring. He has good eyesight and the overall strategy is excellent. Sober in these complicated temperatures, it is reassuring to be in such a strong company, with a sober team with a solid path.

Comparably the carried out child sober study leveraging feedback from sober Microsoft employees from around the world between March 790 and March 2022 and a sober Firm Redmond can achieve this significant result compared to other multinationals such as IBM, Google or Uber. El new success put Microsoft which demonstrates its capacities in terms of method innovation, but also its concerns from a cultural and sociable point of view.