E3 2022 is canceled, both in person and online


This time, it’s over for the 2020 edition of the E3. This year again, the3 will not take place, in any form whatsoever!

Not sober hair salon E3 sober 2022

Encounter the approach of the sober month of June and the rumors that were beginning to circulate, the organizers of the beauty parlor had warned that the hair and facial salon E3 2020 would not physically take place this year either. Despite an e-mail sent by the ESRB which indicated that the E3 2020 would take place online, in the end it will not be the case.

It is Will Forces who confirms it. Razer’s conversation manager says they received an email announcing the cancellation of the3 2020 as a digital beauty salon this year. The information was then confirmed testosterone levels in the evening by other people in the video game world.

In January, the organizers of the ESA (Enjoyment Software Organization) confirmed that the hair salon would not take place physically this year sober reason sober uncertainty remains at COVID. They said Sony Ericsson yet incredibly excited about the future sober the3 and looking forward to more sober to announce details soon. Push is to note that the spices will not have taken, including being able to create an online event. Video game Fest 2020 feeling good place. This contingency of the3 had launched in 2020 around the pandemic by taking advantage of the organizational difficulties of the3 and will therefore be back this year with el present to follow live in the world and which will lift the veil on future games. See you this year like every year on Xboxygen could follow the festivities!