Dead Tissue unveils its Split the Loan provider update in a gameplay movie trailer


Available on consoles and PC since 2018, Deceased Cellular material continues to receive content. The game developed by the Bordeaux facility Motion-Twin welcomes its new update today.

Crack the Lender

Baptized Split the Standard bank, this new update allows you to easily discover a bank, an unprecedented place in which it is likely to acquire many rewards for more reckless. Three new enemies, three new mutations and three new weapons are available with this free update.

Appearing randomly on your journey, you can choose sober to risk everything for gold and tea loot, or sober to leave the treasures behind. But interest, if you choose not to enter, the bank will disappear for the rest of your operation…

Le business prcise that this free DLC is not the last and expect sober new things soon. It also warns console gaming players that a pest that could cause the game to crash is being modified.

Remember that Deceased Tissues is still playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, mobile phones and Computer as well as on Xbox Collection Back button|S and PS5. It is also available in the Xbox Video game Move.

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