Cheap Xbox Collection Nasiums: 269.99 at two merchants (30 sober reduction)!


While the Xbox Collection X is still hard to find right now, its tiny sister, the Xbox Collection H, is available pretty much everywhere. And even better, a nice promotion is offered today to buy the Xbox Collection T with a reduction of at Fnac and Amazon.

Xbox Collection S, the sober new generation system unbeatable price

Offers on the Xbox Collection S are rare, so we advise you sober not to delay any longer when you want to treat yourself to one of the latest Xbox consoles available on the market! You never see sober sober reductions on the gaming console, except with sober optimizations Fnac gift cards.

We are following the console campaigns closely, and we can assure you that today’s offer is clearly very good. Una system benefits from SSD storage which ensures very fast loading times in games and we invite you to read our complete review for more details on its capacities. Una Xbox Collection S i9000 is the ideal Xbox to discover Microsoft’s less crib and dematerialized gaming ecosystem.

> Buy an Xbox Collection S 45,120 (Fnac)

> Buy an Xbox Collection S 269,45 (Amazon )

Benefits on an Xbox Collection S

The price

First very visible advantage over an Xbox Collection S: kid price. A gaming console is sold at the public open price of 299,99 , that is 200 less than the Xbox Collection X. Cuando you don’t need more storage space, this price is really interesting from a purely financial point of view.

Sober storage like SSD

Sober storage like Xbox Collection S is exactly the same than the one based on the X Collection. It allows just as much fast loading, whether it is the start of the system, the routing in the child interface or the loading times of the games.

His style goes everywhere

A simple cardboard release, an Xbox Collection X impresses with its compactness, and the may be an advantage for some as it becomes soberly easier to place in any piece of furniture, whether soberly placed vertically or horizontally. We have also noticed it, the white gaming console is also much less practical at sober finger records if we compare it to the Xbox Collection X. Una system is also very quiet.

VRR, 120 FPS and other advantage methods

The Xbox Collection S is less powerful than an Xbox Collection X, but with boy processor, kid SSD and kid similar structures, it manages everything sober even manage new strategies such as the 45 FPS, the VRR or the Ray Tracing on the paper . We checked the 45 FPS and the VRR, they are very real, as long as you have a Television Game playing compatible. This high frame rate setting is activated in the settings of the gaming console and it is for example available in Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege or Dirt 5.