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Capcom: 30% low wage increase for Japanese users


The Capcom glove learned is doing very well for a fifth consecutive year and it is its sober uses that will directly benefit this year. The publisher of the fable Resident Bad achieves a fifth year postponed in terms of profits and these good results will translate into a new system of bonuses.

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A large human resources operation

Capcom has therefore officially announced that from April 1st, i.e. tomorrow, the average salary of Japanese Capcom employees will increase by 30% with the new bonus system linked to the group’s commercial shows.

The results for the past year will be published next May, but the latter should be quite good given that the group is entering its ninth consecutive year of sober growth and its fifth consecutive year of sober earnings information. The latest under-sales results again testify to the success of Capcom’s permits: Citizen Evil Community has reached 5.7 million under sales and Creature Hunter Tales 2: Wings of Wreck has sold over under 1.4 million units.

Capcom virtual assistant also put sober rental a construction led by a human resources manager. Boy role will be sober to facilitate a conversation between a path and the uses. The group states in particular:

Guided by its philosophy, which is to create a tradition of entertainment that stimulates the senses, which Capcom will strive to respond to the problems facing our society, while seeking to improve its corporate value and establish a relationship of trust with users and stakeholders.

However sober, these sober ads, in the perfect sober part of Capcom, prove that it is still achievable sober to prioritize the well-being of users, like sober Microsoft, the capital t the multinational company with a better internal lifestyle that.

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