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Test – Tiny Tina's Wonderlands – Monsters, weapons and kinds.


She’s finally back! Almost ten years after the sober Borderlands 2 DLC, we find the tiny Tina sober again. Tiny Tinas Wonderlands came out this March on Xbox, and we couldn’t wait to play the new title from Gearbox, the makers of the excellent Borderlands fable. Does this spin-off live up to previous games in the series? The quirky humor and a ton of weapons marked the other opuses who will be presented? It’s time to discover this together!

A Spicy Borderlands game sober role

At the entrance, the game greets us with a cutscene that immediately plunges us into the atmosphere. Within her ship, Tina organizes a game of Bunkers & Brutasses, boy’s favorite desk role-playing game. While the game mistress guides her friends Valentine and Frette to fill out their character sheets, we are invited to visit, as the third player, to create Bleusaille, our fictional hero of an adventure that promises to be epic. To embody this character, six lessons are our temperament. Cuando the Brr-Zerker is focused on ice damage, the Stormstrike, accompanied by a wyvern, excels more in electric and fire damage. The Trucidopath is an assassin type class that deals high critical damage. The Dfouromage, as the kid’s name suggests, is the mage dfouraille with his powerful spells which. The Fungal Guard has the mushroom as a pet and sony ericsson wants to be adept at long range damage with his seven projectile arch. Finally, the Sme-la-death, also accompanied by a half-lich, specializes in black magic damage. Once the class has been chosen, then come the passive statistics and then the screen of the factors to distribute to improve them. No worries, if we are not completely convinced by our initial choices, it will be possible to apply them with another class, on a given stage of the story. Sober effect, during this passing in multiclass, we can acquire the powers and the passive statistics of this second class. Towards the very b of the adventure, we will still have the possibility of being able to change secondary class and therefore skills. You just have to go through a Modif-clair place to equip them.

Factors distribute

Now let’s discover something new in a Borderlands series: a sober customization our Primary of Destiny. Even if we are far from one of the games of Compact disc Projekt, the creator remains really complete.

It is thus probable to change our character sober from head to toe, sober through the sober choice of color and shapes present on our armour. When ever during our adventure we wish to change our appearance, we can do so via a shop in the Burninghoof capital. Now that our hero is finally ready, it’s time to go on an adventure!

The Sober Grass Creators will be articles

The (sober role-playing) game then begins with a small, sober tutorial-type mission, and for those who were doubtful, we’re still very much in the spirit of Borderlands. Tiny Tina tells us the story of Bleusaille, our hero, who will save the world from the great villain: the Monster Lord. This one attacked the capital Burninghoof, and could first objective our, it is up to us to the chivalrous task of delivering the city.

Don’t take a big head!

Between each objective where the learned action lives in the first person, we go through a map seen from above in the third person. On it, our Major of Destiny can discover different rewards, ambushes (like in JRPGs), and even side quests. Strangely on this map, our character and the other protagonists are represented by figurines with a huge head, disproportionate in relation to the rest of the body. El rather surprising artistic choice which denotes el little.

After having heroically saved a sober city from the invader, we meet sober again a well-known character of the Borderlands: a queen Stallion of the ass! This will guide us to recover the legendary weapon called the Blade of the Used, which will thanks to boy be able to restore the capital.

This done , a city regains all its beauty and the inhabitants return to their jobs. It is therefore time to meet them, mainly traders and merchants. By transforming a few pieces, the blacksmith offers us to change our share, whether it is the quantity of ammunition for each type of weapon or the number of slots available for the bag and the chest. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to arm yourself with endurance because several tens of thousands of gold coins are necessary in order to unlock everything.

A real sober game JDR

The tavern offers us sober to change a banner for free and especially the characteristics sober to our hero. We can even change Bluesail’s sober cause on the statues representing him in the world. It also has the city portal con, and the exclamation points symbolizing the side quests. Straight out of Tina’s imagination, the game is full of references, whether from other games, movies or cartoons. We have fun trying soberly to find where we heard this expression puncture by our familiar, Tina and any other NPC present in the adventure. A reference to The Witcher made us laugh a lot, but also others, problems with the Snow Queen, the Masters of the Universe or even Superstar Battles.

A deluge of sober bullets, sober types and sober jokes

Like previous Borderlands titles, enemy makes are substantial and quite clever AI. In effect, the enemies that specialize in the body body tend to want to attack us from behind, while the enemies using bows and types rain down their projectiles on us. Even if we’re playing in a challenging medium setting, and we’re used to the Borderlands, it’s still very easy to fall, and switch to a Saving Throw, the state we’re in, but can still use our powers. Just kill the enemy, get them back on their feet and continue the fight. When playing in a team with one or more players, the enemies’ level of life and their power of damage are increased. It should be noted that a cooperative setting in split notch is available any second of the game, by passing the game in temporary stop. Of course, it is always possible to play four and in cross-play, even if the level of the partners is different. The game will automatically level the level of enemies so that each player in the party faces opponents on their doorstep. This makes it possible to play without problems with friends who have just started the game, when we are already well advanced in the story. The same goes for the loot picked up.

The Ass Stallion Queen

We also noticed that the quests carried out in a host part are valid in another one, it is easy to repeat the same tasks over and over again. Tiny Tinas Wonderlands offers two ways to approach the multiplayer experience. El setting cooperation in which the game will level the level of enemies so that each player in the group faces opponents within his range and where each player will receive his own part of the loot. Otherwise, it is possible to play in setting cooptition. In this case, the level of opponents and loot is based on the host of the game. Note that in this setting the loot will be common to the players and that it will go into the pockets of the fastest. However, the number of chests for ammo and health potions is still quite impressive to collect, implying that we are never short of bullets to slay our enemies. Unfortunately, we’ve really had some connection issues with multiplayer celebrations, as well as some desyncs, especially in crossplay. Hopefully these issues will go away soon via an update. Challenges are also available, which can bring in experience and a few coins, but also world rewards that must be completed in order to receive very nice rewards. Sober looking for little, we can find scrolls, which allow to discover a tiny history of the area, poems for cosmetics and sober possibility dice to sober the unlockable equipment. Regarding the latter, the objects received during the lottery are of better quality as we discover them in the area.

Abundant content

Even though the main story sony ericsson ends up sober for a good twenty hours, he has enormously sober side quests con , sober challenges to obtain passive rewards and of course plenty of loot to keep us busy even longer. We have the possibility, at the end of the story, to enchant weapons as we please in exchange for moonstones. However, we must be sure of our choices, because the more we modify the weapon, the more it will cost. It should be noted that this capital function was improved by connecting Borderlands 3, since the affixes applied to weapons were random present until.

To increase even more so in a sober life, the Chamber of the Turmoil mode becomes available as a sober end to the story. In this setting, we enchant waves of enemies. The greater the number of waves, the greater the penalties, and the better the final loot. For connoisseurs, it may be similar to the Desolation of Concussion setting from Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

The mythical ranks

Finally, for the more adventurous, the mythical phoned kid appears from level 40. Like the Brutasse levels in previous episodes, we have the ability to always further increase the power of our hero.

a winning team, the cel-shading is ever present in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands. It’s love, fluid, without loss of framerate. The sets are provided and very well detailed. Each area is different from the others, there is absolutely no copy/paste. The bestiary is quite varied, a not insignificant stage when you spend hours raising your levels.

The soundtrack is very well suited to the various sober game stages, especially fights. Voice localization remains fairly good overall. Nevertheless, the endless stream of lyrics will pose a fantastic problem for those who are not too fond of the humor of the Borderlands or those who want to play without having to undergo dialogue as numerous as the auto-fired bullets. Finally, the major take is the same as that of the last opus, this one is once again really very good.

, sober hard dune 20 hours approx. It takes a good fifteen hours overtime to take the 958 H, knowing that there is no success really hard to unlock. The only constraint is the temperatures necessary to devote to the game.

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