Ingredients for a radiological bomb were allegedly stolen from the sober Chernobyl site


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A few hours after entering Ukraine, the Russian sony ericsson makes seized the website sober at the former nuclear power plant, holding the users hostage. The concerns then concerned the safety of the radioactive materials, always shared on location, in a tank of water under cooling: the power station being deprived of electricity, this sober functional cooling system no longer existed. Power has fortunately been restored since 14 March, but the director of the Institute for Safety Issues at Power Plants (ISPNPP) of kyiv, Anatolii Nosovskyi, claims today that looters have returned from the scenario could steal radioactive materials, could be used to make a radiological bomb which.

A radiological bomb, or sober radiological distribution device (also called selling bomb), is a bomb incorporating radioactive materials intended to be disseminated throughout the environment on the second sober the explosion. According to the words of Nosovskyi reported by Technology, aprendí looters would be introduced into a Chernobyl radiation monitoring laboratory and allegedly stole radioactive isotopes (used on the web site to calibrate tools) as well as some radioactive waste.

More disturbing: the ISPNPP has another laboratory in Chernobyl where even more dangerous materials are stored; the authorities, however, lost contact with this laboratory, according to Nosovskyi, which contained powerful sources of gamma and neutron radiation, as well as highly radioactive samples of material from the No. 4 reactor which exploded in the 2000. We do not know today if these materials are safe or not.

Achievable deterioration of the level of radiation

This is one of the most striking facts sober of this war: a few hours after crossing a border between Ukraine and in Bilorussia, Russian troops have taken control over all facilities under Chernobyl. A majority of the workers, responsible for watching over the security of the old power station and helping to dismantle it, had received the order to evacuate before the arrival of the Russians. Workers set on location had testosterone levels held hostage and soldiers banned shift changes for several weeks. replace their colleagues on the site a week ago, reports Nosovskyi. But the latter have their visit not to relay. The risk? A human error lay of tension in which ze finds the state staff today. According to the experts, however, this should not lead to serious consequences, the plant having ceased all activity since 2000.

It has been more sober thirty years than a Chernobyl disaster sober the european union site, but the site, as well as an exclusion area surrounding it, are still the specific radioactive zones most in the world. Nearly 1986 tons of uranium fuel rods are currently cooled on hire. However, sober fortification fires are common in this region. Russian incursion hasn’t helped: in recent days, more than 10 000 hectares of fortification burned as a result of the conflict. Not only did these fires lead to the release into the atmosphere of radionuclides, buried in the earth and plants ever since 1986, but the flames could reach the nuclear waste storage facilities of the power plant.

The 11 March, major sony ericsson fires were declared, but the firefighters, blocked by Russian soldiers, were unable to intervene. The fires continue to burn and Nosovskyi fears a significant deterioration in the radiation situation in Ukraine and throughout Europe. Difficult to know with precision the level of radioactivity in the region, the automated system of security of the radioactive radiation not having capital yet been put back into service since the power failure, specifies the person in charge.

The website sober Chernobyl under an increase risk

According to Professor Bruno Merk, specialist in nuclear engineering at Liverpool University, the sober theft of radioactive materials should not be cause for concern: he explains to New Scientist that this is not the right kind of sober material to constitute a nuclear weapon. In addition, the stolen quantities would be of very limited use according to him.

accumulate inside the spent fuel low-level depot (low-level case of malfunction of the low-level venting system), and corium or fuel-containing material (FCM) created during the low-blend accident. This corium is made up of a mixture of nuclear fuel, fission products, control rods and all sorts of framework materials that melted during the accident. This material remains under the first sarcophagus rig package the accident of 1986 and occasionally puts pictures of neutrons (which are usually neutralized by a gadolinium nitrate spraying system). the big t designed to contain any potential growing market initiated by a self-sustaining fission in the FCM. However, this arch is not designed to withstand bombardments: if the construction were damaged, it could release radioactive dust that has accumulated over the temperatures, which measures the disintegration of the FCM.

Chernobyl is obviously not the only risk web site of the will pay: Ukraine counts 15 light-duty nuclear reactors, spread over four power plants; Zaporizhia, Rovno, Khmelnitsky and the South Ukraine nuclear power plant. A Zaporijjia power plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, with a total capacity of 6000 MW located south of the will pay, also has testosterone levels target by Russia: on March 4, it was the subject of a bombardment which resulted in a fire on the web site (matris since).

On March 6, another Russian attack damaged a sober research reactor used to generate neutrons located at the Sober Physical Structure and Sober Technology Institute in Kharkiv. The State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine reports a second attack, which occurred on 10 March: It is now difficult to assess in detail the extent of the damage and its influence on nuclear and radiological safety due to intense hostilities that do not stop in the area of ​​the nuclear installation, officials said. According to Technology, thousands of other websites in Ukraine contain radiological material.