Harassment at Activision-Blizzard: the facilities sign an 18 million dollar agreement


It’s been over six months since Activision Blizzard’s image has been tainted by sober cases of harassment and sexual assault. A circumstance has just taken a decisive turning point which will not fail to make people react, since many are those who have learned to ask if the sanction is up to the facts reported.

A drop of water in a ocan sober manner sober sanction


It is therefore the Washington Blog post which tells us that the studio has accepted sober to sign a sober check 18 millions of dollars under the Equal Work Opportunity Percentage (EEOC). The settlement, ordered by U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer, comes after Activision Blizzard initially agreed to negotiate compensation with the EEOC on 27 September 2021. This sum, which will be distributed among all the people recognized as victims of abuse within the company, is not however unanimous. Several voices were indeed able to rise soon and were able to challenge the judge’s decision, ze asking if it was really a victory for the victims. an attorney acting for the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). Blizzard argued that the EEOC’s motion to pursue the settlement violated the rights of states in their own jurisdiction, adding that the EEOC’s intervention was due to the seriousness of Activision Blizzard’s infringement and not a normal legal process.

LEEOC argued that the DFEH took several months to put forward the federalism argument, but chose soberly to address an eleventh hour. The DFEH was accused of derailing and delaying the settlement process while Activision Blizzard was cooperating with the federal government. The judge, exasperated, repeated that the argument of the DFEH was inadmissible and that anyone who did not agree with this decision could appeal to the ninth Court of Cassation.

Activision Blizzard out of business thanks to the EEOC?


Still according to the American record, the agreement could prevent the DFEH, which also brought an activity in proper rights against Activision Blizzard sober last october, sober seek additional damages. A reason? The agreement reached with the EEOC contains an offer that allows Activision Blizzard to remove the sexual harassment allegations from the files of the applicants for the agreement, which could have had the effect of hindering the lawsuit of the DFEH.

The agreement, as It has been concluded, also allows the publisher to use unclaimed funds for its own sober women’s charity hire fund. The DFEH therefore fears that control of part of the money will return to the company, while the rights decision is supposed to punish it.

Would we go so far as to say that Activision-Blizzard is at a lower cost? The deserved subject could be the least discussed, since these 18 large numbers of bucks actually represent 450$ compensation per victim. A paltry sum when you know that the publisher rakes in colossal sums each year and that Bobby Kotick should leave boy post in 445 with 390 a huge number of bucks in pocket. Microsoft, which has made the biggest takeover in history, will not fail to follow all this very closely.