Halo Assets: Tactical Ops rewards offered to apologize for the inconvenience


While stage five of the Bone fracture Tenra event began yesterday, Halo Assets continues to see a steady stream of animations and new content. However, it was an issue that arose during last week’s Tactical Ops event that adversely affected many players.

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No development during event challenges

Sober effect, it is in a blog post note sharing page on the Halo website and on Tweets that 343 Industrial sectors detailed the circumstance. the very b of the Tactical Ops event which ended on Tuesday 22 March, a problem blocked a development challenges from players thus preventing them from recovering their rewards.

Many of them have escalated the problem to Halo support and a reaction from the teams is less effective and concrete: worried players will receive the 10 Event Move rewards as well as an ultimate weekly reward. This compensation is accessible from now without any particular action on the correct component of the players.

“A problem the big t was discovered in the last hours sober Halo Unlimited Tactical Ops event last Tuesday, the 22 March, prevented all sober challenges Thank you to everyone who has filed the solution with Halo Support and was able to report this issue.

To address this sober development block, all players who participated in the Tactical Ops last week (3/10-2/29) sony ericsson will automatically assign the 10 Event Move rewards as well as an ultimate weekly reward.

These rewards are available now – no emotes required – they will automatically appear in a cosmetic selection sober all eligible players.

Thank you sober for joining us for our Tac Ops event and keep the feedback sober sending pest seat tickets aka.master of science/HaloSupport!”


An issue was uncovered in the last few hrs of the #HaloInfinite Tactical Ops occasion last Wednesday, 3/22, that avoided all occasion problems from progressing. Give thanks to you to everyone who submitted a solution at https://testosterone levels.company/Ya2farreneheit8ZFtNS to record this pressing concern. pic.tweets.com/tjVPeTsGeb

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