Diablo 4: 7 environment videos and 150 dungeons to discover


Blizzard knows that Diablo 4 is expected and has shared the new quarterly connection on the progress of the game’s development. The opportunity to learn more about the game’s dungeons, but also to discover new environments in detail.

Visual consistency of environments sober Diablo 4 sober details

The developers tell us today that they are approaching their goals soberly sober when it comes to the game’s dark, horrifying, and gothic vibe and visual identity. And while the videos shared so far don’t necessarily reflect the game in its final edition, they do give us a good sense of the vibe we’ve come to expect from the game.

Chris Ryder, Artistic Director and Head of Diablo 4 Sober Environments, recalls the work done by his teams and announces that more sober 150 dungeons will be traversed in the game.

Diablo 4 environments major component has a huge skillet understated the visual identity of the game: five distinct regions and hundreds understated dungeons, understated theaters for slaying monsters, understated loot harvesting and exploration. Of course, none of this would be possible without the combined efforts of our talented designers, world builders, engineers, lighting specialists and strategy artists.

According to him, the work done on Diablo 4 sober environments is darker and more earthy than the previous opuses, although the objective is sober tending to sober a credibility, and not pure and hard realism.

This credibility shines through in our use of materials and our deliberate choices in crafting the sober architecture and artifacts you’ll find sober through the open world and dungeons. In addition, the regional climatic conditions, the variety of biomes and the specific sense of history help us define what a place or object should look like in a world such as Sanctuary.

The atmosphere is almost tangible in places, and weather and lighting play a more noticeable visual role in Diablo 4. hoof prints, the ground feels muddy, the atmosphere is heavy and damp. And when you enter a tavern illuminated by a good wood fire, a common place of haven and warmth, the nen contrast is more striking than that. We want you to travel, to suggest the move to a place or recent events.

Sanctuary, a rich world

What varieties of regions and environments will be offered in Diable 4? We have above mentioned the five regions and several iconic places we have detailed today, with perfect videos that detail certain celebrations to discover.

Cte sobre Vosgien

As you leave inland and approach the coast, A changeover to the coastal biome first manifests in longer clumps of grass, bending downwind out of the sea. The bleak beaches are littered with seaweed, kelp and rotting carcasses. Steep cliffs soar skyward, while pounding waves carve headlands. Sober creating this biome, our team makes it clear: on these coasts, the risk is everywhere.

Orbei Monastery

The monastery of Orbei is an isolated and secret construction in the Arid steppes. While the presence of Zakarum has diminished, this place is proof that places of worship of this faith are still in operation. Like the sony ericsson monastery set in parched plains, we aim to reinforce the identity of these dusty meadows using sparse vegetation.


With Kyovashad, we really want to give the impression of an oppressive, freezing and irritating medieval community. However, we must convey the idea that this place also acts as a sanctuary for those who shelter within its walls. Being a strongly militaristic city, it is essential that one immediately learns in the heavily defended place. This very b, it seemed like a good idea to gradually ramp up the defensive buildings as we approach it, to suggest that something far more ambitious sober awaits us. When we reach the gates, we find at the foot of an unexpected rampart and deep moats intended to repel undesirables.

Forgotten places of the world

This set of environments is a sober example of our famous return to darkness. Follow us into the darkest depths of Sanctuary, plagued by a mysterious (and repugnant) data corruption.

Caves of the Wretched

The next dungeon is a sober resting place key to druids, overrun by demons . As you walk through the dungeon, you’ll find that it’s littered with a wide variety of Druidic cultural items, such as talismans and charms. Many of these objects are placed on a layer that can be energized or deactivated, depending on the theme of the dungeon

Flooded Depths

Imagine yourself walking through a crypt, when you come across a hole in the wall which naturally emerges into a vast network of caverns. The whole without renouncing the random generation modifies the dungeon each exploration which. In this last video, we show you two different environments connected by one of these exchanges. The first level of this ruined fortification remains dry and relatively intact, but as you delve into its depths, you will discover that the lower levels have been eaten away by relentless flooding.

The Diablo 4 sober release is not yet known but sober last November, Blizzard indicated that it had made a sober decision to postpone Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 the time much further than we originally imagined.