Age group of Empires Cell phone kind today sober China and the launch is successful


An Age group of Empire franchise is sober fashion and sells, this is not new and he learned to find that it was at the center of the projects packaged in the agreement concluded between Microsoft and Timi Dojos sobre mai 2021. Sober effect the subsidiary of Tencent specializing in mobile games puncture today Come back to Empire, a version of the famous RTS from Microsoft which is already meeting with colossal success.

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A version that already pleases the Chinese community

It is therefore the journalist and insider Daniel Ahmad who shared some data on this release goes unnoticed by with us. Local area network last, the formalization of the partnership between Timi Galleries and Xbox Video game Companies announced the color as to the importance of the Asian walk and the mobile phone games sector could the future.

This version of an Age group license of Empire sober testifies perfectly. Named Come back to Empire on the Chinese market, the game launched today is already the first location in the ranking of iOS game downloads and it is numbered in the best 10 of the most profitable games.

The Age Group of Empire spirit is very present even when the marketing and advertising is not unlike that of other behemoths based on a strategy on mobile phones, sober emphasizing freedom and the real temperature aspect of the gameplay. Tencent ze must function in this way in the face of competition from other successful games such as Three Kingdoms: Technique, Immortal Conquest, Increase of Kingdoms or even World & Conquest.

We do not know what other variations of Age of Empire on cellular are planned abroad, but a formula could very surely appeal to a large general public fond of this sober game on phones.