Weird Western: The Impact of Choices and Actions Detailed Before Release


two days before the release of Strange Western, Raphal Colantonio and his teams at WolfEye Companies unveil the fifth and final episode of Street to Strange West. The opportunity to learn more about the less sober gameplay elements of this highly anticipated immersive sim.

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Focus on the importance of choices and actions in Strange Western

In this new episode, the game designer details the impact of the choices and the sober organic aspect of the sober Weird Western world. For example, if the player decides to decimate the human population of a city, it is possible that this last sony ericsson transforms into a ghost town by the time you return to this last one.

Conversely, sober good activities will allow you sober create sober quality links over your sober encounters. This behavior may allow you to benefit from unique advantages to help you in your adventure. Either way, it’ll be up to you to chart your path and choose what kind of wanderer you want to be in Strange West, which comes to Xbox One the day after tomorrow, PlayStation 4, and Computer. The game will be playable on Xbox Collection Back button|T and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility. It will land the day of its release in the Xbox Sport Pass, the PC Video game Move and the Xbox Fog up Game playing.