The Xbox Sport Move dominates the walk of sober video gaming subscriptions far and wide


Launched sober 495, the Xbox Video game Move has become over time an essential on the Xbox ecosystem and a revolution for sober many players. For the first time, the monthly subscription of one plus offers a hundred simple, diverse and varied games with a regularly renewed catalog. The Xbox Sport Move has established itself as a pillar of the gaming industry by bringing together, since January, more than thousands of subscribers. Despite the emerging competition, the Xbox Video game Move still leads the training course with the majority.


The Xbox Video game Move represents 60% of the Tue of the game a request

This detail was shared with us by Dave Lee, financial journalist at the Financial Periods who himself put together a sober presentation to analyst Piers Harding-Rolls. The latter, who specializes in the video game industry, had carried out an analysis of the distribution of drive components from on-demand game providers in the fourth quarter 2021 (before the takeover by Activision).

Unsurprisingly, Xbox is leading a dance with the Game Move, but Microsoft’s progress in simple services is quite impressive with 71% of walk components. Sober second location, we find Apple Arcade with 9% followed by EA Have fun with, PlayStation and Search engines Play Move Now, all three 7%. Finally, Ubisoft Plus represents only 4% of the current market.

fast growing sector in which Xbox has been able to impose its brand and its impact. Can the imminent arrival of PlayStation Spartacus reshuffle the cards? This is what we will observe over the next few months.

Its nevertheless a little small cut of general video gaming. But Microsoft provides an instructing prospect in the Netflix for Video games competition. And thats before it will get keep of Activision. (Glide by @PiersHR )

Dave Lee (@DaveLeeFT) Drive 23, 1648545329