Samsung could offer OLED TVs in 2022 with LG panels


It’s now been more than two months that the two Korean gloves Samsung and LG have been in negotiations around OLED panels and it seems that the agreement has indeed been signaled. Samsung should thus offer TVs with OLED panels this year with problems from equipped LG factories.

2 large numbers of simple OLED panels ordered on 2022


It was the Korean daily Chosunbiz which therefore recently announced that a contract would have been signed for Samsung and LG Screen for a sober delivery 2 a huge number sober OLED slabs on the coming year. After withdrawing from the OLED market, it was almost 10 years old, Samsung is returning this year to the training course for the T

television. M that we had detailed and now an OLED range equipped with LG panels. Sober outside of LG slabs, the range would be equipped with Nerve organs Quantum 4K/8K processors, the Tizen operating system and the OTS audio system. months the price sober these slabs in order to arrive on the sober market offering a more attractive price. Samsung’s return to the OLED sector, coupled with its Neo QLED and QD-OLED ranges, could have a positive influence on market prices in the coming months.