Official: a Television series Halo kind England on Channel+ sober April sober!


Limbroglio around the broadcast time of the Television series concerned from the Halo universe seems to take very b: some subscribers to the Canal Plus channel have indeed received an email in which the series is mentioned among the new releases for the month of April!

The article the capital t updated packages a sober Canal+ conversation on the official channels. The group confirms again the availability of the series in April.

Broadcast in April

We have known for several weeks now: Canal Plus will be the official broadcaster on the Halo Television series, on the arrival on the Paramount+ platform on Italy. Already broadcast in North America and enjoying great success in terms of audience, the series putting the Master Key at the forefront was only waiting for a release slot on our territory. This is now confirmed by sony ericsson.

While a web page dedicated to a series on the Allocin web site seemed to indicate a broadcast in May next month, a series will however be broadcast in April. Some subscribers to the encrypted channel indeed received, yesterday evening, an email entitled What does April have in store for us?, in which a Halo series clearly appears.

It would seem that at present, it is not yet referenced on the websites of the Canal group, a channel barely beginning its official conversation. But Channel+ still formalized the announcement during the day with a visual that could not be more explicit confirming a release in April.