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Ingenuity's 23rd flight to Mars: never stop again


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When will he get tired? NASA’s small explorer helicopter, Genius, has just completed its twenty-third flight on the surface of Mars. El exploit boy scale, since his pilots hoped rather five could him.

Arrive the July attached kid companion, the rover Willpower, Genius had to be above all a technological demonstration to test the top powered flight on Mars, cuando lon sobre believes his method sheet. He has surprised with his performance so far. This next flight will be my 22electronic enters our on-board record, already explained the chief pilot of Ingenuity Hvard Grasp of the Aircraft Propulsion Lab (JPL), during 23electronic flight

last March, in a press release. I remember thinking, when it all started, that we would be lucky to have three entrances and immensely lucky living area to have five. Now, at the rate we’re going, I’m going to need a second notebook .

And now Ingenuity keep on child vol. He just registered, on 23 March, boy 23electronic theft counter on register. On the NASA Plane Propulsion Lab Tweets account, we are also delighted: 23 flights and we count them! #MarsHelicopter has successfully completed its 23electronic expedition. He flew necklace 358, 1 seconds on 358 meters. Ingenuity’s data in the new region it is heading to will help the @NASAPersevere team find potential science targets


23 plane tickets and keeping track of! #MarsHelicopter effectively finished its 23rd tour. It traveled for 358.1 secs more than 550 meters. Information from Genius in the brand-new area its going to will assist the @NASAPersevere group find possible science goals.

NASA JPL (@NASAJPL) Drive 25, 2022

Genius is currently heading to the position of kid companion rover on the Martian soil, in the Jezero crater delta. A key objective of the latter is to search for ancient footprints of life on Mars, the microscopic scale, more likely. The Jezero delta is a surface that seems ideal, since it would have to be typed by a river.

Huge sober several kilometers and typed by an old river, the sober delta forms a more sober slender fan 23 meters above the bottom of the crater. Filled with jagged cliffs, sloping slopes, jutting rocks and sand-filled pockets that could stop a rover in its tracks (or flip a helicopter on landing), the delta promises to hold many geological revelations perhaps even there. necessary proof was able to determine that microscopic life once existed on Mars, billions of years ago

, explains the Aircraft Propulsion Lab in a press release dated 15 March.

An arian guidebook for the rover Determination

Considering all these obstructions, Genius might prove to be Willpower’s faithful tutorial. Sober in effect, the latter learned very slowly moves the surface of the ground, the slightest pebble badly placed being able to hinder its development. The small helicopter could be able to locate the safest paths in order to smooth the progress of the rover. Boy role will also be sober to identify factors of viewer interest for kid colleague on the ground.

A decisive video tape, for scientists kept breathless by this famous sober delta . Sober indeed, the fact that it was capital t type by water is a select, but that home not all. Sober studying the depth of the reliefs dug by the water, the researchers think that it has probably been present over a long period. This is what makes Jezero so exciting for us , enthuses Katie Bunch Morgan, specialist in Martian geology from the Plane Propulsion Lab, in an interview with Digital Developments

. Because in addition to having what we think is a delta, we also have compelling evidence that there was a lake there, as we have the valley of output .

Whether it is about microbial life or not, a tiny team sober robots should sober in any case bring sober a lot of knowledge to a scientific community during this sober trip to the sober delta Jezero

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