Fortnite: Zero Building mode finally unveiled in a trailer


It’s been several months that a structureless mode of Fortnite has been anticipated and it’s now official since World famous Video games has just unveiled the new Zero Structure mode in a new truck. After temporarily removing the upgrade abilities from Fight Royale, the game will now offer this gameplay permanently.

A new way to approach Fortnite

With this new mode, Fortnite may be able to renew its formula and reach a sober category of players who have never necessarily been seduced by the gameplay of the famous Fight Royale. This Zero Design setting is available in Solitary, Duos, Trios and Areas from the game menus permanently and this from now on.

With no sober builds, all players are equipped with a ze overshield that recharges, making the first line defense sober. To board the airships or be able to reach the heights, players will use the ascent grips or sony ericsson will serve as climbing in order to dominate their opponents. And above all, we must not forget to learn to take cover by sprinting from one place to another to try to win the Victory Royale!