Deliver Us all The Moon with Beam Looking up on Xbox Collection Times and Xbox Collection S sober May


Did you use your spatial experience in Deliver People The Moon? So you will very soon be able to return with reworked graphics on Xbox Collection Back button and Xbox Collection T since the optimization is coming in May.

Beam Doing a trace for shadows and reflections

As announced last year, this new sober edition Deliver All of us The Moon will benefit from sober Ray Looking up for a management a more realistic light on shadows and reflections.

Deliver All of us The Moon is a sober sci-fi thriller sony ericsson set in an apocalyptic future where Earth’s natural resources are depleted. A lunar colony providing the important energy supply is no longer responding. The lone astronaut is sent on an objective review to the moon to save humanity from extinction. Will you save the human species or will you end up in the dark abyss of space?

If you liked this episode, we sober enjoy for developers to work on Deliver All of us Mars remember, a new Sci-Fi narrative game expected on Xbox One, PlaySation 4 and Computer as well as Xbox Collection A|S and PS5.