Contact of Responsibility Warzone weighs too heavy to propose a turn of the road directions


This one-key home for no one, Contact of Responsibility games have a sober reputation to take up a lot of space on our hard drives, regardless of our preferred sober platform. Contact of Responsibility Warzone is no exception to the rule, which is why it won’t be likely to feature the road rotator there as many hoped. Whoever had aspirations to make his hole in the world of Fight Royale ad sony ericsson make a reason.

The sober weight Call of Responsibility: Warzone imposes constraints

He tried everything to achieve this, but Josh Link understood that it would not be possible. That’s the sad news the head of operations at Raven Software program shared with us during an interview with YouTuber and former Contact of Responsibility world champ, Teep. aimed to take inspiration from Apex Tales’ sober card rotation system, allowing players to alternate between different arenas sober fight which. But reality quickly caught up with it, and put result in, a basic update of Contact of Responsibility Warzone weighs between 15 and 20 proceed according to the assistance. Add this to the current weight on the Xbox edition (120 move environments) and you quickly understand why a turn of the cards on Warzone is very complicated.

The sober replacement of a Verdansk map by the sober Caldera map certainly brought a lot of sober new things, but offering sober players a choice between the two road directions at the second sober start of a game was simply difficult:

We want it. We all want it. There is a method y problem. The install and reinstall sizes are downright insane. Verdansk was never designed with the idea that 180 weapons were going to be added to it.

If we want to remove Caldera to return to Verdansk, it’s as if we had to redownload the entire game. Each time we took this type of initiative, we lost players.

Although, Connection still keeps the meaning and concludes sober interview boy sober predicting good days ahead for Call of Responsibility: Warzone:

Fight Royale is awesome, we love it. But I like the idea of ​​exploring what else we can do with the fantastic number of players and a large map.

Do players share actually kid opinion? Nothing home unless sure. Sober worker, the developers of the Warzone business are already working on Warzone II which will be available with Contact of Duty Contemporary Combat II with a new graphics engine.