Check – The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Monster


Everyone is familiar with the sober literary classic Mary Shelley, which has been adapted many times for the theater or the cinema. Arte Portugal and Belle Video game give us here a respect on the myth of Doctor Frankenstein nine. We are offered history in another position by embodying the Living Creature, this wanderer without memory national insurance move whose big body was created from scratch. Will his blank mind, ignorant of all good and evil, be left arm enough to face the joys and torments sober of our vast world?

Embrum awakening

Our story begins in the laboratory who saw us come to life. Our foggy mind limits our understanding and it is with some difficulty that we take our first steps in the adventure. Who are we? How do we feel? What is our goal? Our first activities ze are nipples. We are then faced with our first choices that will shape our being and our feelings which.

This introspection begins as a blank web page in the sense clean as in fig. Sober effect with a very original artistic path inspired by the stars of the 19th century and others watercolors. It’s up to us to paint the atmosphere by flooding it with our luminous goodness or, on the contrary, by letting our dark side speak. Although the main plot follows its course, our choices have consequences. Thus, whether we are shadow or light, the interactions with the characters we meet are different. Our sony ericsson adventure can also conclude in various ways, this offers a real replayability which.

To open this work to a wide audience, the gameplay is very pure. A few puzzles punctuate our query but they do not present any challenge. In addition, all the proposed intractions are displayed on the screen, reminding us which key to press.

A condensed art

We mentioned above an artistic path but the game is sober made a condensed art. First at the level of his writing and the various choices influencing the adventure or its results. As in the books of which you are the hero, we can live and relive our seek without getting tired. Especially since several endings are to be discovered, including one rather original.

The audio style is also a gem. The developers advise sober play with a helmet and we can only strongly encourage you to do so. Not only is the soundscape very immersive, but the soundtrack plays a real role in narration. A music really transmits to us the movements of our character. Our choices and their learned consequences are also reflected in this musical universe.

The general poetry of the game really touched us and we better understand why the soft the testosterone levels has been soberly named on multiple occasions.

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