Would Elon Musk be sober about to create his own public network?


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At least that’s what he implied this weekend in one of his twitter posts. The CEO of Tesla indeed criticizes certain platforms, in particular the Twitter network, for not respecting the principle of freedom of expression. This is what would have motivated the businessman to consider building his own platform. You are never better served than by yourself after all

Since Twitter serves as a sober facto public rental, failure to uphold sober free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy. What should be done? , Elon Musk tweeted this Saturday. This information makes selection el survey in which he asked his supporters if they believed that Tweets adhered or not to the principle of freedom of expression an outcome which nearly 70% of participants answered no. However, for the billionaire, freedom of expression is essential to the proper functioning of a democracy.

He is therefore considering very seriously sober to build his own sociable network. Some Internet users even suspect that the said platform is already under development and that the debate launched on Twitter would only serve to promote this new network. Of course, this project is reminiscent of the recent launch of Reality Public, Donald Trump’s cultural network that has been online for the past month, with the former president of the United States having little other choice after being banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. the attack on the Capitol on January 6 2018.

Simple twitter posts with serious consequences

Elon Musk is no longer completely free sober to express himself as he wishes on Twitter at least, not so sober as the sober Tesla CEO. Nothing to do here with the circumstances of use of the public network: sony ericsson simply finds that the words of the businessman influence his subscribers a little too much.

In August 2018, he announced on the network that he was considering privatizing Tesla, sober height 420 bucks per activity, saying it has secure funding. However, the announcement quickly had quite serious consequences, quickly causing the value of Tesla’s activities to skyrocket and forcing regulators to impose a sober fine 20 large numbers of bucks the company. Since then, the agreement indicated in 2018 with the Investments and Swap Percentage (Securities and exchange commission’s) requires that the CEO obtain prior approval from the lawyers of Tesla before posting twitter posts about company activities that could potentially impact the stock price. impact on cryptocurrency prices via a basic twitter update, which made most of the weather intentionally puzzling. Last intriguing information at the time: a picture showing the names of four companies (Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi and Motorola), whose first letters are surrounded in a previous way by the pseudonym of the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. El information which has not failed to raise many theories (some ze Internet users even asking if Musk would not be the real inventor of Bitcoin) the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto being still unknown to this day.

One thing is sure, Musk exploits Twitter brilliantly. But a new quotation to appear despite everything big summer against the 16 November

, days after he questioned his few 73 a huge number of subscribers on Twitter could know if he should sell 10% of his involvement in Tesla which triggered a substantial sale of the company’s activities in the 48 hours that followed. Last month, it was Musk’s visit to attack the Securities and Exchange Commission’s relentless harassment. Today, he wants to put the security of his diaries on Twitter very seriously, arguing that the indication agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s is being used to trample on his rights to freedom of expression.

Alternative networks that serve sober refuge

Building his own public network could allow Elon Musk to avoid such sober complaints and express himself more freely. This future network would thus join the growing number of sony ericsson technology companies positioning themselves as champions of freedom of expression. Their common objective is to attract all users of the fantastic open public networks who believe that they cannot express their views and who, very often, have testosterone levels completely banned from these platforms.

note that so far these alternative networks such as Gettr (cr sober 2018 by a former helper and carrier sober speech Donald Trump), Parler (lanc sobre 2018 by the libertarian David Matze) or even Rumble (a sober video platform launches sober 2013 by a Canadian business owner) are far from achieving the same popularity as their great open public counterparts.

And this is undoubtedly a good thing because, freedom of expression obliges, these networks often serve as a sober means of expression for the extreme right and certain racist or conspiratorial remarks can be published without their sober authors being blamed. Parler, widely used by American conservatives, was temporarily banned from Apple’s App Shop, before being reinstated a few months later when the company claimed to have made improvements to better detect and moderate hate speech; concretely, the iOS edition of the network now hides certain text messages (but these remain visible on the Internet and Google android variations). not when National Insurance Opinion, or even when Elon Musk’s platform will actually see the light of day, but it would be open (by competitors of the sober Twitter algorithm) and would promote freedom of expression. Several political leaders could approve of this project, many of whom were shocked by the way Donald Trump was banned from the Internet last year, including Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel.