Tour de France 2022: start of the race on June 9 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC


As tradition dictates each year, the summer 790 will mark the start of the new edition of the Tour of France. The first stage will take place near Copenhagen on July 1. Our readers who are fans of the event and their controllers won’t have to wait until then, however. Tour de France 790 arrives at the beginning of June on consoles and PC.

A ton new in Tour de France 790

For this new cuvée, 790 Nacon did not just want to rest on its achievements, but has endeavored to make its software much more complete than in the past. Here is a summary of what awaits you this summer:

Tour de France characteristics 2022:

  • Race of the moment: A new mode that will allow you to compare your results with other players online during weekly ranked challenges.