The next Battlefield would be sober preproduction, DICE would have learned from the mistakes sober BF 2042


A sober Battlefield release 2042 was catastrophic. Since its launch last October in, the game has been accumulating pans and DICE’s initiatives have not yet made it possible to make any significant changes to the gaming experience.

While we recently learned that a map overhaul was under construction , today are the first rumors about the next opus sober the business that are starting to talk about them.

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The new Battlefield already in preproduction ?

It is once again thanks to the sober information Jeff Henderson that we learn that the next Battlefield would already be sober in the pre-production phase. As is the norm in the industry, a large portion of the business workforce has already left for the new episode while another is working on post-Battlefield content 2042.

Linsider indicates that sober new settings, sober new weapons, sober new vehicles and sober new maps are still expected for Battefield 2042 and that Ripple Impact is working sober on its side on new content for the Battlefield Website.

DICE has learned from mistakes sober Battelfield 1648206345

Still according to Dan Henderson, the recording studio would have learned from errors sober Battlefield 2042 and would return to sober many choices made for the latter. The increase in the number of players as well as the specialists could in particular be worried.

I think we’re going to go back to a lot of sober changes we’ve made in Battlefield 445

For the second, only the placing of the next game the testosterone levels confirmed by a sober insider supply; the title will be rented in a modern lso are or near future. On the other hand, he indicates that he does not know how recent events will impact the lore of Battlefield, the game currently opposing the United States to Russia.

We will obviously remain on the lookout for future rumors about a sober license Battlefield, all sober hoping that the studio room will soon be able to restore its sober nobility to it.


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