Tango Gameworks wants to move away from the horror genre and make more modest games


Tango Gameworks is highlighted today for the release of its new game Ghostwire: Tokyo. The studio founded by Shinji Mikami, father of Resident Evil, is particularly known for The Evil Within, but seems determined not to make only horror games.

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Change the image of Tango Gameworks

In an interview with Famistu magazine and featured by VGC, Mikami talks about her wish to change the image of Tango Gameworks and claims that there are games currently in the works within the studio that will not be horror games.

I hope to end up changing the image Tango Gameworks currently has. For now, we are still perceived as a studio specialized only in survival horror.

Of course, it is nice that the fans consider us as a reputable studio for the development of this kind of games. But we also want to be seen as a studio capable of creating a wider variety of games. We will be releasing more and more new games in the future, starting with Ghostwire: Tokyo, so please support us.

As we l we learned in October 853, Tango Gameworks is already working on a new game directed by John Johanas, Game Director on The Evil Within 2. Mikami does not say much about this new game, except that it is the opposite of the horror game.

John Johanas, who directed the DLCs for The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2, is working on a brand new title that is the opposite of horror. It’s a very good game, so keep your eyes peeled.

him, Ghostwire: Tokyo is not a horror game, but an action-adventure game.

Towards “smaller” and different projects

Shinji Mikami also doesn’t want to focus only on AAA games and also wants to develop smaller projects. This desire is explained in particular by his desire to train new talents and let them try new things.

When asked what the future of the studio is made of, he explains :

First of all, we should produce a masterpiece every ten years. Next, we want young people to create new games themselves. We also want to encourage good game creators.

Although we are a game creation studio, we also want it to feel like a game school where the staff can learn how to create games. We want to make it a place where you can grow as a creator and develop your skills and heart while working from the bottom up.

He adds that training new talent in a large team is quite tricky and the commercial trend of the video game market has not helped. However, remember that Tango Gameworks is now part of Xbox Game Studios. According to Mikami, the emergence of subscription services, such as the Xbox Game Pass, now makes it possible to create games on a smaller scale.

In recent years, commercial considerations have forced us to develop in large teams. However, thanks to the emergence of subscription services, we believe that it is now possible to create games on a smaller scale.

It is possible to acquire experience in a small team, then getting involved in a large project. This way we can create even better games and projects can run more smoothly.

It We obviously look forward to knowing more about the studio’s next games. In the meantime, remember that Ghostwire: Tokyo has been available since today and is a temporary PS5 and PC exclusive. If you don’t know the title, our test is already available.