MX compared to ATV Tales offers a sober gameplay trailer and a sober release time


Almost five years after the release of the last opus, the business MX versus. ATV can make fantastic comeback with MX compared to. ATV Tales. Unveiled last September on the occasion of the THQ Display in, this new episode was very discreet but finally gives some news today.

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See you in May

It is with the gameplay trailers highlighting boy Paths mode, that the title is talked about. This is particularly the opportunity to discover gameplay extracts and to see some of the game’s environments.

may 2022.

MX vs. ATV Tales will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Computer as well as Xbox Collection Back button|T and PS5. An update will be offered free of charge on next-generation gaming systems. The game is sold at the price of 39,99 in kid regular edition and pre-orders are open now.

Key Features:

  • Participate in 2-player split-screen sober classes or sober team sober 16 players, this sober will let you run around and explore together with your friends who.
    • Tales will feature our most in-depth career mode yet, where the choices you make will lead you to different paths, sober sponsorship opportunities and special events on guests.
    • A sober physics in the air controlled by the player will be sober back, allowing you to soberly control how you make moves. whips and scrubs! No generic actions for us!
    • With sober new surprises at every turn, the all-new Paths Mode delivers the most intensive full-atmosphere sober racing experience ever. !

    • Customize your rider and vehicles with the latest sober parts and gear from your favorite manufacturers sober sober material training off-road racing!
    • Roll in the supports and ruts with unparalleled precision thanks to our sober physical structure system completely redesigned.