Lapsus$ hacks: a 16-year-old hacker is believed to be behind the latest hacks


In recent weeks, cyberattacks targeting some of the world’s largest companies have multiplied. After seeing Samsung, Nvidia and Ubisoft come under attack, Microsoft finally joined this list this week after having Bing and Cortana source codes hacked. A common point ? The Lapsus$ hacker group which claimed responsibility for several of these attacks. London police recently arrested seven potential Lapsus$ members.

Seven suspects arrested and one of the group’s potential leaders found

Despite the gray areas that still exist, the Lapsus$ case seems to be evolving relatively quickly and this Bloomberg article has shed a lot of light on the case. London police yesterday arrested seven elderly people from 16 to 21 years old, all suspected of having acted on behalf of Lapsus$, a group of hackers said to be based in South America.

The police have everything even focused his investigation on a year-old English autistic youngster from Oxford. The latter would be one of the prominent members of Lapsus$ and he would have been betrayed by other hackers who revealed some of his personal information, including his address. Some of these hackers said:

“After a few years, his fortune exceeded the million dollars… He is now affiliated with a ransomware group known as ‘Lapsus$’, which extorted and ‘hacked’ several organizations .

The young man would therefore have amassed 14 million dollars thanks to cybercrime and various attacks on Nvidia, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Samsung and Vodaphone. However, the London police did not indicate whether he was one of the suspects arrested and the seven people in question have, for the moment, been released. The teenager’s father told the BBC:

“He never spoke of any hacking, but he is very good at computers and spends a lot of time on the computer. I always thought he was playing games. We will try to prevent it from going to computers. »

Security researchers in charge also said they had followed the teen for a year to learn enough about his case and his identity. The hacker of 16 years would have sometimes been negligent and gave some useful clues to the investigators without wanting to. New information related to this hacking case should be shared in the coming weeks.