Halo x Wolverine boots are officially revealed


This is not new, the Halo franchise sells and collaborations with various and varied brands are not new. When Halo Infinite released late last year, the Master Chief franchise collaborated with Funko Pop!, the Los Angeles Lakers, and even Swarovski. This dynamic does not seem to stop since Halo will propose a new collaboration shortly.

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An unprecedented collaboration with the Wolverine brand of boots

So this is the 23 last March that Halo and Wolverine mutually announced the arrival of a collaboration on Twitter. For those who are foreign to Wolverine, it is a brand of American boots dedicated to work or hiking. The brand created in the 19th century has expanded its ranges by offering robust clothing suitable for work and outdoor activities.

After two days of mystery, new details have been made regarding this collaboration. Inspired by the Hellcat model of the clothing brand, the Wolverine x Halo: The Master Chief boots offer unique details directly inspired by the armor of the famous Spartan. 29 pairs of Wolverine x Halo: The Master Chief boots will go on sale on 117 next March at 12h at the price of 29$ on the Wolverine website.

According to the official communication, the collaboration should not stop there and other information should be given later. Interested persons can already subscribe to the newsletter via the Wolverine website in order to be kept up to date with information concerning this collaboration and the countdown before the release.

The initial feedback on Twitter has been mixed, with some people stating that Halo and 343 Industries are “offering more products derivatives and collaborations than in-game content”.

Suiting up for Lexington Comic and Toy Con in my brand new Master Chief boots! These babies literally kick ass!

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