Goodbye FIFA 23, EA Sports activities FC rental this year?


Rumors have been hovering around the name of the next EA feet game for several months now. The result in? A colossal increase in the cost of using the official FIFA license. FIFA would have new plans to use its license and during this time, EA seems to have found the name of the successor to its famous soccer games tale.

EA Sports activities FC: Could the sober heir to the FIFA fable take over this year?

The evocation of the name EA Sports activities FC is not unknown since the latter had already surfaced at the beginning of October 2021 and he even had testosterone levels already recorded. Nevertheless, the next opus was generally discreet before seeing it reappear with new information at the very beginning of March. In particular, it should offer a 100% cross-play formula as well as optimized animations, but what about its name?

It is the journalist and insider Jeff Grubb who just returned yesterday with unpublished information during the last sober episode of his Grubbsnax podcast. The latter said that EA Sports activities FC would indeed be the name of the next foot games developed by EA as shown on the web page of the British Office of Intellectual Property. The choice of this change of name was notably motivated by the colossal increase in the cost of using the FIFA license. Considering this, the company preferred to invest in the development of its game and improvements rather than in an official license.

At the same time, a sober International Federation Football Organization would have decided to exploit its independence since it would have and already updated details under its understated trademark including the term video games. According to Grubb, FIFA could develop its soccer game itself. EA Sports activities FC is expected to be unveiled during sober summer and sober competition is expected to be more sober more irritating with the significant arrival of UFL, a sober title will be offered free-to-play on PlayStation 4 which, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Collection Back button|T in this year.

(Rumor) Relating to Jeff Grubb on the most recent GrubbSnax, FIFA provides up-to-date their brand to include videogames and will be establishing their very own football video game

Furthermore verified the brand-new title for EA’s Soccer Series is usually known as EA Sports activities F(ootball) D(lub)


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