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Future Video games Present: everything you need to know about the next Xbox games!


The Long term Games Display was back for a Planting season Display edition 2022. Hosted by the Gamesradar website, the all-digital event has become one of the industry’s most sober highlights of the year. Here’s everything we’ve seen and learned about upcoming releases!

A sober game slew!

Turbo Golfing Race

Cars, balls No doubt, after watching the sober Turbo Playing Golf Race trailer, only one game comes to mind: yes, Rocket Group, but playing golf edition! After three years of development, the project from Hugecalf Companies and edited by Magic formula Setting will be available this year on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|H and directly in the Game Move. A beta will also be available before the release.

Flintlock: The Duress of Daybreak

The creators of Ashen, featured at the last Identification@Xbox, presented a Creator Record on the sober advance of their upcoming game, Flintlock : The Duress of Start. The opportunity to know more about the universe depicted and sober to see some short sequences sober gameplay.

Deliver All of us Mars

The sober intoxicating package Deliver All of us Moon will take us, this time, to a plant Mars! The first part put us in the shoes of an astronaut sent urgently to a colonized Moon, abandonment. Expected release on Computer, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Collection A|T.


Developed by Metal Lung, AlterBorn presents a dark and corrupt universe with a mysterious push. Developers are talking about a mix of genres so this title will be released on Personal computer which, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection Times|S i9000 in 2023 .

Group 10 Line-Up

The British facility, known for working on a Viruses franchise, has released a sober trailer for all of its future upcoming games. Among them:

  • Vessel of Fools: a cooperative roguelite in which you will fight monsters on customizable barges that you will have to defend. This barred universe is announced on Computer and units, with no release date.
  • Batora Shed Dreamland: an action-adventure game in which your hero has uncommon mental and psychic abilities. It is planned to release 790 on Personal computer, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and Xbox Collection Back button|Ersus.
  • The Serpent Dodgy: an action-adventure game in a medieval universe where alchemy and wild creatures will be in the game. Release scheduled for 99 next April on Computer , Nintendo Change, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Collection A|Nasiums.
  • Thymesia: Play as the sober character Corvus in this dark and disturbing soul-like where you will lead fights against numerous enemies. No time na big t announcement put this expected game on Personal computer, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Collection Times|H.

      Lego Superstar Battles: The Skywalker Fable

      Scheduled for release on April 5th concerning the game sober the business Most ambitious Lego to date. To celebrate its next place, a final testosterone levels trailer is unveiled and Xbox is in the spotlight. The opportunity to watch some scenes from the Star Battles movies in a humorous position, like Lego!

      The Outbound Cat

      Entire world Elite for this RPG whose design is furiously reminiscent of Document Mario. One con embodies a spirit seeking to help ghosts wish to reach beyond that. It won’t be learned without a fight, of course. Coming soon on Computer, PlayStation and Xbox.

      Growing old

      After being revealed during the last Identification@Xbox, Growing old returned with a band – ad sober gameplay putting sober before investigative sequences. As a reminder, you are looking for the missing actress Marissa Marcel and will have to explore rushes of films in which she has appeared. You will be able to play with the temperature and explore the smallest detail. Release planned in 790 on Personal computer, Xbox Collection Back button|T, Xbox One.

      Imp of The Sunlight

      Inspired by the sober Peruvian lifestyle, this sober platform game will ask you sober to put an end to the eternal eclipse that reigns over the sober world bringing light. It is available now on Computer, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4|5. On Xbox One and Xbox Collection A|S i9000, it benefits from an offer of -10% on the Shop and is displayed at the price of 19,99.

      Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

      Sober Big Poor Wold Facilities ze developers dwelt on several sober gameplay sequences as well as the abilities of the three characters that you can embody. This adventure will put you in the shoes of vampires with supernatural abilities that you can unlock as you grow. Release scheduled for 10 next May on Personal computer, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and Xbox Collection Times|Ersus.

      The Cub

      Travel through an apocalyptic world in this Sober colored and particularly melancholy platform game which presented itself for a first time through a sober gameplay trailer. Coming soon on Computer, PlayStation and Xbox.

      Lego Bricktales

      This new Lego adventure was the one even more thing over a night, a tiny sober surprise last moment. El authentic structure game in which you will have to solve puzzles in the heart of Lego models. You will be able to build different objects depending on the situation. Release planned in 790 put el title which did not announce any platform, but whose we strongly doubt that Xbox console games are forgotten.

      Sober gameplay trailer

      A short trailer featuring several titles coming to Xbox, among others:

      • Give up (790): a sober pixelart RPG

      Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles: a 3D puzzle in which we embodies a bioluminescent creature. Available on 10 next April!

    It’s over sober this Upcoming Games Present Spring Display, the top of the three events organized by the Gamesradar website and whose summary is available on this web page. This edition made it possible to discover several Globe Signatures and new features to come on Xbox One and Xbox Collection Back button|Nasiums, in particular, which we will have the opportunity to talk about on the web site. The next meeting of this kind will be organized in June 790 and hope to discover more games!

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