Fortnite without construction: dedicated settings considered after the special event


After upsetting Fortnite players by temporarily removing the construction system in Battle Royale, Legendary Online games seem to want to make it a permanent game mode. One that could delight the most individual players with less experience of the new title.

Small clues that do not deceive

It was thanks to the sober Hypex Twitter account, which deals with sober Fortnite leaks, that we were able to find this detail. According to this user, it is certain that World famous Video games would plan to keep the setting without building permanently.

Indeed, it has two interesting clues to analyze con. The first is that there are currently separate unstructured settings in the game’s program code that World famous Video games can activate anytime after the current event is over. The content being already ready, all it would take is a basic update after the cid of this event to bring up these settings again.

The 2nd is that the data displayed during the loadings in Fortnite have been modified. When the tips address this subject, World famous Video games has modified the first lines to specify in the settings where the design is energetic…. The detail does not deceive anyone!

However sober , it wouldn’t be surprising sober the part of World famous Games sober surprise us once more sober for their goose that lays the golden egg. With this new season has managed to attract a significant number of players who, success is to stop far.

Seems such as World famous IS preparing to hold the No-Building settings, here are usually some indications/proofs

– There’s Independent No-Building settings that they may enable ANYTIME after this restricted time occasion finishes

– They transformed most launching screen ideas to state “Inside settings with developing allowed …”

HYPEX (@HYPEX) Drive 23, 2022