Deliver People Mars: the new Sci-Fi narrative game is revealed on video


Sober 1920, KeokeN Interactive released Deliver Us all The Moon, a very successful sober space puzzle-adventure game that had a strong impact which . It is today his fit, baptized Deliver Us Mars, which is revealed in video.

Lifestyle on Mars?

This new adventure takes place 10 years after the sober events Deliver People The Moon and presents A new protagonist charged with a dangerous new objective on the planet Mars. making it easier to explore a red plant.

The game is expected on Xbox One, PlaySation 4 and Personal computer as well as on Xbox Collection A|S and PS5. However, it does not yet have an exit window.

Frontier Foundry, sober tag Frontier Advancements plc (AIM: FDEV), today announces Deliver All of us Mars, a thrilling new narrative game from the Dutch recording studio KeokeN Interactive. The first teaser of the game is available, announcing its release on Xbox Collection Times|T, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and also Computer on Vapor and on the Epic Video games Shop.

red plant to players, Deliver us Mars is a sober sequel to Deliver All of us The Moon, a sober space puzzle-adventure game released sober 2019. Frontier Foundry works with KeokeN Interactive and guides the studio room in achieving its creative goals for this third-person collection making a major connection in gameplay and storytelling.

The first sober teaser Deliver All of us Mars begins after a starship crash lands and gives us a great look at the mysterious new protagonist. In the teaser, after finding and reactivating the companion drone, a familiar presence for Deliver Us The Moon fans, the video ends with a dazzling revelation of the planet Mars, which will be the primary setting of the game which.

Unfolding 10 Years after an understated Fortuna objective Deliver All of us The Moon, Deliver All of us Mars builds on the understated events of its predecessor, with a more down-to-earth approach an understated sci-fi storytelling all enriching the understated gaming experience While fans of the original game will appreciate the links between the games, new players will be able to enjoy an engaging adventure that stands on its own and is a superb entry stage into the series. In this package, players can expect many new gameplay mechanics, including a climbing system that will allow the character to easily explore a planet Mars that.

The Deliver All of Us series immerses players in a world where Earth’s resources are depleted, forcing humanity to flee into space. Initially funded via Kickstarter, the award-winning game has garnered many passionate supporters. For this new adventure, players can expect a unique, moving and exciting story experience, reinforced with sounds, a movement catch and a loose artistic path.