Back to the [email protected] program which will celebrate its nine years


As it evolves, the Redmond firm has never stopped innovating and creating in order to advance the video game industry, particularly through Xbox. The [email protected] program is a perfect example of this and it will soon celebrate its nine years of existence. A look back at this project which gave another dimension to the voices and creations of independent developers.

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From the beginnings of [email protected] to the Game Pass years

It is through a paper published on Xbox Wire that Chris Charla, director of [email protected], returned to all the progress made by the Xbox program intended for independent developers. Originally, the objective was to give better visibility to these creators who often do not benefit from a sufficiently qualitative and vast platform to develop their ideas and projects. This objective should also serve the players by allowing them to discover other aspects of video games, lesser known achievements, but just as profound and successful as those of the biggest studios if not more.

Many innovative ideas such as cross-play have emerged thanks to [email protected] partners who have always been involved in the program. This allowed Xbox teams to think differently, to find various solutions to improve the ecosystem of the entire brand. Over time, [email protected] has only grown by attracting new developers and in nearly 9 years, independent developers have earned over $2.5 billion in royalties and the total revenue generated by [email protected] partners Xbox on Xbox has almost doubled over the last three years.

These figures make you dizzy, but above all bear witness to the impact of the independent development sector in video games. This sector continues to evolve and the arrival of the Xbox Game Pass in 2017 has also changed the situation. Xbox’s game-on-demand service has given unprecedented visibility to independent projects from [email protected]’s developer partners. The catalog of indie games available in Game Pass has even become a major selling point for the service. Chris Charla says in particular:

“Game Pass is another way to encourage Xbox players to discover new genres and games . After signing up, the average member plays 24 % genres and 40 % more games, the majority of these games being outside of Game Pass. »

Now there are no less than 4 600 developers from 24 countries around the world who collaborate with [email protected] to develop more new games through the Xbox ecosystem and thus benefit as many players as possible.

“Nine years ago, we made a promise to independent developers to work as hard as possible on their behalf, because we knew Xbox gamers would be thrilled to support their work. We do not consider this promise fulfilled in any way, as we view our work as Xbox’s ongoing commitment to independent developers.

While the [email protected] cloud development program (led by Nick Ferguson, [email protected] member since 2013) has just been presented to the GDC, we can trust Chris Charla and his teams to continue the commitment from Xbox to independent developers. Whether it’s through Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, major events or better communication, independent developers now enjoy a central place in the video game industry and their voice will count more and more in the years to come. future.

There’s a lot to celebrate in nine years!

Thank you to all the wonderful independent developers for joining us.

Here’s to many, many more years & incredible games! ????

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