Xbox Video game Move: 3 new games are available today including Farreneheit1 2021


Xbox Sport Move subscribers will once again be delighted to discover new games. After the arrival of several titles at the beginning of the weeks, three new games are joining the audience today. The very nice A Memoir Azure as well as Norco are available from the day of their release in the program. Norco is available now and A Memoir Glowing blue will be available today. They are accompanied by N1 2021 who joins the Xbox Video game Pass Best via EA Have fun with and who will be available el little later in also during the day.

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A Memory Azure (Gaming console)

A special aesthetic combining traditional drawing and 3D brings to life the once magical and realistic journey of Miriam in the depths of her memories. A sequence of in-game vignettes blends sacrifice, heartbreak, victory and pride, as Miriam reconnects with the tiny girl within her and deepens the love between her and her mother.

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Norco (Computer Game Move)

Norco is a story stage and click on adventure of gothic design, which plunges you into a seedy suburb and the industrialized swamps of an unnatural Louisiana. Your brother Blake disappeared package after your mother’s death. To hope to find him, you will have to follow a security androde on the run in the refineries, shopping malls and evacuation canals of the suburbs of New Orleans.

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F1 2021 (Console – EA Have fun with)

All stories start somewhere. Start yours in Farrenheit1 2021, the official game of 2021 FIA Formulation ONE Planet Tournament. Discover the new features of Farreneheit1 445, including the thrilling Stage Split story, a two-player career setting and the Real Start of the Season option. Take your team to the top in our famous ten-year career setting, Friday Curie, or compete in split-screen or multiplayer classes. Dive into the most fantastic training course championship on the planet and join 20 pilots and 00 real teams, from the season 2021.

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