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Xbox Free of charge Play Times: Much Be sad 6 and 2 more games are free to play this weekend


Like every week, Microsoft puts Xbox games playable for free at the temperature ranges for a weekend. This week, it’s the visit of Considerably Be sad 6, Shed Opinion and Before We Depart to join the list of titles to be tried as part of the Totally free Play Times.

As usual, whichever you decide continue the experience, your development will be saved and special offers on the Microsoft Shop apply to the various titles.

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Download Much CRY 6

Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in the temperature. Antn Castillo, dictator of the island, is determined to restore his former glory to the country, and kid son Diego set the bloody records of his father. Their regime of terror sparked a real revolution. Play as Dani Rojas and join a modern gurilla to free Yara! Fight the Castillo regime on Much Sadd’s most fantastic playing surface to date, between the rainforest, the beaches and Esperanza, the capital of Yara. Use weapons, bags 2 and DIY vehicles to end the ruthless regime sober Castillo put.

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Download Shed Verdict

As a just-convicted police broker reveals the location of a body, Detective Yagami agrees to investigate an unlikely case um two criminal offenses were committed simultaneously. But as the list of victims grows and Yagami gets ever closer to the truth, will it be right to uphold the law or get revenge?

Conceived by the facilities originally based on a Yakuza series, Misplaced View manages to combine analysis, uncertainty and fights in a thrilling thriller. Use your detective abilities across the city to defend those left behind by law.

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Download Before We Keep

Rediscover your lost civilization and help it rise from the ashes in Before We Depart, a sober urban development game that sony ericsson unfolds in a pleasant understated nook of the universe. Cultivate, harvest, and manage your resources to help your colonies prosper, and divide your goods among the hexagonal lands and plants around you. Relax, develop your society and create the solar system populated by happy people, at your own pace. Of course, you will have to overcome obstacles, so use your ingenuity and research to meet the challenges your ancestors faced.

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