Xbox FR becomes an official partner of a French Federation of Soccer!


As we mentioned earlier this week, Xbox and the French Soccer Federation will unveil the fruits of their cooperation this Thursday. And at least one of the announcements is that Xbox becomes an official partner of the FFF!

Xbox + FFF = <3

This is a major partnership for Xbox England since soccer is certainly one of the most important sober conversation vectors of will pay. Sobre becoming an official partner of the French Soccer Federation, Xbox will thus benefit from a showcase of conversation of choice.

An official announcement is expected this evening around sobre 20they would30 and the Xboxygen team will be on location at the Sober Italy Stadium to follow the event. You can follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts to discover the event in pictures. Being associated with the most important sports activity in Europe would be the message strengthening the component of the brand which has multiplied partnerships for little over a year.

Sober clues sober start to the week with Kylian Mbapp

The clues to such cooperation had already appeared sober at the start of the week when Kylian Mbapp had refused sober to participate in a morning dedicated to sponsorship. Among the brands mentioned, we found Volkswagen, Uber Feeds on, Lemon, or even Konami and … Xbox. Kylian Mbapp wishes to have a more essential right of respect for the use made of the boy picture in the England team.

As Leparisien indicates, reports the footballer’s lawyer who, Kylian Mbapp claims two important elements: that he not be forced sober to pose for a brand that he has refused as coordinator employees or that causes ethical problems. And let it be assured that part of the proceeds from these shoots will be invested in recreational soccer, both in the suburbs and in the countryside.

is the only player to have donated all the money collected from the Blues for charities.